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Surprise, surprise

I remember a while back stumbling onto a website that’s all about rating prostitutes and using all sorts of weird abbreviations for the shit they’d do. BB would be ‘bare back’ and BH is ‘both holes’ and IN was internal cumming. It was pretty fucking creepy to say the least. Now things come full circle as I stumble upon another site that does the same thing for escorts.

What the fuck does this have to do with MMA? Well, it turns out that our favorite new ring girl Edith used to be an escort for a company called Eleganza Escorts, and now for Devilish Escorts (no word on if she’s given up on this since the ring girl gig). Of course many squares out there may say that escorts are escorts and not prostitutes. I’d just like to say that the only difference between an escort and a prostitute is that it’s much harder to kill an escort without someone noticing.

The UFC has really hit a home run with their new ring girl … she’s only been around for one PPV and already she has twice as many posts as any other ring girl. And that’s with Ali Sonoma saying and doing dumb shit all the time.

  • rpw229

    How much for an hour?

  • fightlinker

    It’s all on the website … 180$

  • Wu Tang

    Q is.. Would you?

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Canadians, what does companionship include up north?

  • koolpaw

    >It’s all on the website … 180$

    i knew fightlinker checked all pages and broke his pink piggy money box with a hammer…

  • John

    You really out did yourself this time.

  • Luke
  • fightlinker

    Man, I live in montreal. Why pay 180 bucks to have sex with a super hot chick when I can just take a super hot chick to a bar, get her drunk, and save like 40 bucks (plus the need for a gonorrhea shot)

  • dignan


    Start with trying to get ANY girl to go to a bar with you, and work your way up from there.

  • stellar53

    I thought you were dating chicks from the internet……what’s the difference?

  • marshal

    FL is IN. Does that make sense?

  • marshal

    FL is into IN?

  • dulljake

    actually, only i date online, for I have mastered the art of online seduction

  • Audacity

    And everyone finds Fightlinker detailing his pornographic browsing completely normal? There’s a big elephant in the middle of the room and no one wants to talk about it. Well, it could just be induced by the ephedrine. But still…this guy could make a post about her having sex with a horse and no one would question how he found it. Everyone would just say how they feel bad for the horse…

  • Audacity

    Oh, and a follow-up question:
    What does this site say about DVDA; Cleveland Steamers; Snowballs; Cincinnati Bowties; Rusty Trombones; Dirty Sanchez; etcetera?

  • c-ing_red

    I like the tone of the articles written about this girl – like Fightlinker wouldn’t hit that. Puuuuhhhhhhleeeeze………

  • ajadoniz

    Audacity, there’s nothing weird about escorts, remember, they are not prostitutes!

  • dignan


    Shut the fuck up.

  • fightfan

    ……Old horse face

  • fightfan

    Fightlinker……What is Edith”s(horse face) name at th escort service. I didnt see her on it??

  • Michaelthebox

    dignan: +1

  • islandguy

    “…stumbling on to a website about prostitutes…” hahahahahahaha!

    Fartlicker “stumbles” around the internet. What an ass.

  • WTF

    Do we actually know for sure she’s a whore? Where does it say that anywhere… looks like normal glamour modelling to me

  • Mr.ThePlague

    >actually, only i date online, for I have mastered the art of online seduction

    Sir, what are you doing here? Why don’t you have a seat over there on that stool.

  • Kenny the Swede

    I don’t care for her Mr. Ed face, but as long as she does bbbj and rcg, we are good to go!

  • jjdnb

    Whats the website that rates prostitues and escorts services?

  • jjdnb

    i guess christmas is coming early this year

  • marshal
  • fightlinker

    hehe. We’re bastards

  • kentyman

    Just remember, that horse’s ass is amazing.

    I sure hope I’m the first person to ever say that.