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T-Minus 4 hours till TUF Finale

Tonight’s the night! TUF6 Finale featuring Guida vs Huerta. The conclusion of our bet with Kid Nate! The liveblogging of the whole event! The radio show right afterwards! What more could you ask for on a Saturday night??? See you all at 9pm sharp for all the action!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)


    At least pretend that someone proofread your faked newspaper articles :D

  • Ben

    Dammit Jeremy (not that Jeremy), I was going to say that.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    You can catch the other two major errors :D

  • michael

    Cool article. Good luck to the challengers.

  • Terrence Halladay

    you mean dominant not dominate?

  • Ted Dibiase


  • Ben

    Well, Joe would have begun, not began, and I am fairly certain that one would not wish to be “nearly missed” by a flying object.

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Then I’ll get the minor one that slipped through :D

    If the fight happened last night, then the paper should be dated December 9th, 2007.

  • Mike O

    funny article. are you nervous fightlinker? or have you got supreme confidence in senor guida?

  • UFCPreview

    WAR Guida!

    Huerta is in for a beating

  • ajadoniz

    the hilarity of this post in hindsight. bwuahahahah.

  • Clay Guido

    How sad, after you put all that work into it to make it look authentic with your mediocre photoshop skills.

  • Frank Costello

    Well, that certainly didn’t pan out like you expected.