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Okay, so obviously the new site is up … an hour and a half late because being the genius I am I decided to launch the site while on a train between Montreal and Toronto and the internet sucks balls. Who’d have thunk it?

There’s a few bugs that I’d like to iron out over the next day or two, but blogging comes first! So I’ll be concentrating on that and having shits n giggles in the forums / through the messenger till tonight and then will deal with everything.

  • marshal

    Frames! AHHHH!!!

  • dulljake

    It’s fixed now….

  • iggy

    frames??? really?
    1996 called and wants its website back!

  • Big D D

    Not too shabby! Frames are not my friend

  • Popetastic

    It’s pretty cool. You can collapse the left frame, but I could do without the top frame.

  • dulljake

    It’s just how it works. We may change it in the future, but for now, get used to it!

  • Stellar53

    The store is not working….

  • Autoguy

    Frames? wtf? this site is a nightmare on my pocket pc. now instead of checking out the site throughout the day I will have to wait till I get home. how am I supposed to get my daily fix now?

  • dulljake

    actually, we might make a version of the site for pda’s and other mobile devices. So don’t worry, we’ll have something for you guys. As for the store, we had some problems setting it up properly. We hope to have it fixed by the weekend.

  • Foojita

    You guys got an RSS feed going? My feed died with the site redo.

    And now when I try to subscribe again I just get something about Canadian Raves.

  • dulljake

    gonna try and fix this weekend. Sorry bout that folks

  • marshal

    New site looks slick.
    Prediction: Frames are going bye bye.

  • #1 jackal

    Good Work

  • Márcio

    nice job, the site looks good, congrats.

  • Accomando

    Better than expected. I love the ticker.

  • Elfenstein

    i have to log in again to leave a comment ?+?

    and the frames suck donkey balls – i liked the old site better – sorry

  • Archivist

    New site looks great , good work indeed.

  • MorethanUFC

    The site sucked before, but now you’ve figured out how to fuck up a fuck up. Genius indeed.