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Talkin bout Anderson Silva

Ryan and Bloody Elbow’s Kid Nate talk on the videophone for 45 minutes about how dreamy Anderson Silva is and what his legacy will be in the sport. If you enjoyed the old Low Blow podcast, you’ll probably dig this too!

  • DukeOfEarl

    Man, i was indeed missing the LowBlow and i do qualify this exercise here as a more dignified replacement. Thanks,

  • McBayne

    “travis lutter also tapped to strikes”

    “stephan bonnar was roided to the gills”

    kid nate is so fucking awful.

    first rebel media buys out my star membership, then the podcasts come to a standstill, and now this. don’t whore yourself out – send subo a camera and $5 and ask if he wants to be famous, the video aspect was cool – kid nate is just unbearable

  • tad

    More of this. But with subo or some other smuck but not kid nate, like McBayne said.

  • glassjawsh

    dig that you’re podcasting

    but when the general consensus is that someone is more unbearable than subo it’s time to re-evaluate your approach

  • CAP

    MOAR podcasting Ryan its the least you can do for letting this site go to shit.