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Tarec Saffiedine – Yeah, That’s What’s Up

Tarec Saffiedine – Yeah, That’s What’s Up

Gosh, it seems like it was just yesterday that Strikeforce was closing up shop, and putting forth one last hurrah in the form of a January, 2013 card – a card that had just as many questions left unanswered at the end of it (“Who’s going to the UFC? Who’s going to get crushed when they get there?”) as there were going into it. But one question that was answered for sure was who was going to be the last Strikeforce welterweight champ. That man would be Tarec Saffiedine, a Team Quest-trained striker from Belgium who kicked the crap out of Nate Marquardt to earn a belt that suddenly had zero value. Anyway, after almost a year layoff, Saffiedine will be stepping into the Octagon for the first time at UFC Fight Night 34 in January, and his opponent will be Jake Ellenberger. So here’s a video of Saffiedine talking about things like Belgian waffles and fries covered in Thousand Island dressing.

  • robthom

    I’ve heard Saffafawaffle’s name a million times, I dont remember where though or who the fuck he was supposed to be.

    But he’s a friend of mine if he kicked the shit out of Marquardt.

    And although I dont care for Marquardt he is a decent fighter, so Pancakes house verses Ellenberger sounds like a good fight to me.