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  • garth


  • Mr. Theplague


  • Emil Rehnberg

    It’s a demo, demo, demo

  • Swedish guy

    No, fightlinker, doesn’t seem to work. I can’t see where it says “Test” and I can’t comment.

  • Mr. Theplague

    Man the site looks SO different!! I can’t believe the crazy new shit you guys have laid on us!! Holy fuck my mind is fucking blown!!!!!

  • MJC_123


  • Ted Dibiase

    testes. 1….2….3?

  • kermit.01

    A test? No one told me about a test.. I would have studied if I had known..

    I’ll just answer True…no wait false.. Yea its false..

  • Lifer

    jocular response

  • intenso

    test sucks.

  • Jesse Holland

    At least post a pic of Andrew Martin

  • penxv

    My brother once took a girl in the pooper after telling her that his name is Ted Dibiase.

  • marshal

    kum n go

  • Mr. Theplague

    Post a piture of Scala.

  • Matt

    Ted Dibiase is a minister.. no shit.

  • garth

    scala or scalia. about equal in my book

  • ajadoniz

    The most profound post everz. Test FTW

  • intenso

    test fucked stacy kiebler

  • Thomas


  • Matto

    Roy Gracie won teh Ultimate Fighting Challeng!


    Testing Times @ Fightlinker.Com! You Can Feel The Tension In The Air, Manifested By Way Too Many Capital Letters…

    Meanwhile over on Evan Tanner’s blog; he put up the lyrics to Metallica’s Master of Puppets at 03:00 am…

    Thanks for passing my email to Happa, Linker!

    Now get this fucking site updated you linking Gimp you! ; )

  • defranger

    did everyone here where Babalu went?

    To Bodog or strikeforce or whoever those damn fights are done by on yahoo

  • Thomas

    well since fightlinker ain’t linking anytime soon. Lets see some fightlinker parodies, Or top five funniest fightlinker quotes. Since there isn’t any new content I have to rely on Fightlinkers “Jackals”.

  • Asa

    Images ain’t showin’ up for me. Your header is, but not the graphics at the top of the posts. usotitio.jpg, the hendo header, etc..

    Just an FYI. Firefox, with noscript letting through.

  • garth

    good riddance babalu.

  • garth

    also, pithy reply

  • Jonathan

    I rule.

  • garth



    Thomas don’t rely on us “Jackals” to throw you a piece of meat were just as likely to turn on you, and tear you limb from limb…

    Or I may just check you Blog instead…

    You see what happens Linker?! You stop giving us our fix and we find a new corner to hang around and score dubious content from.

  • kermit_01

    Ok, has anyone seen the news about the possible Henderson-Ortiz match up at 78? If it happens I say Henderson by ref stoppage in the 2nd.

  • Brad

    Excellent post Fightlinker, possibly the best you have ever made.

  • jd