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Testosterone okay, marijuana not so much

In what I can only describe as the perfect embodiment of everything wrong with athletic commissions, Chael Sonnen was granted a therapeutic use exemption for testosterone injections yesterday, clearing the way for his Vegas superfight with Anderson Silva in July. A few hours later, Nick Diaz was suspended a year and fined 60k for smoking marijuana out of competition.

While the situation is completely absurd on its face, there’s a twisted kind of reasoning behind the NSAC’s actions. Chael Sonnen ASKED if he could use steroids. When he didn’t – for his first fight against Anderson Silva – he ended up getting suspended. So the overall lesson athletes need to learn form this situation is always inform your athletic commission about the drugs you plan on using, and everything will be honky dory.

Chael’s clearance to fight in Nevada is just the latest depressing step forward in the normalization of PEDs in MMA. Meanwhile, marijuana is still stuck where it was before Nick Diaz tried to overhaul the system. His lawyers argued that marijuana metabolites do not prove in-competition use and out-of-competition use is legal according to the WADA statutes Nevada bases it’s rules on. Now that the commission has rejected that argument, there’s a good chance they’ll be taking the same argument back to a proper courtroom:

Diaz’s lawyer Ross Goodman believes the commission acted in disregard for established and unequivocal Nevada statutory code at Monday’s hearing. After being contacted by MMA Fighting, Goodman says Diaz and his legal advisers are strongly considering petitioning a district court to review the NSAC’s decision.

Should they choose to move forward, “we would file a petition for judicial review in front of a district court judge,” Goodman told MMA Fighting. “It would entitle a judge to basically look at the hearing anew.”

There was never much of a chance the commission was going to actually let Diaz off the hook, and Ross Goodman isn’t the kind of lawyer who gets involved with a case just so he can let some board members rubber stamp a suspension and send him on his way. He’s out to change the way marijuana is handled by commissions. Now if only someone would stand up and do the same for steroids…

  • Sted

    Filling out forms properly and requesting special consideration OK, lying to commission then complaining about it – not so much.

  • drunkenjunk


    commisions don’t work on logic

  • fightfan

    Murderers and rapist can win appeals vs US State and Federal Government.  But when it comes to State athletic commissions….forget it, not a chance of winning an appeal, period

  • TheRimReaper

    The TUE sitation definitely needs to be fixed, but that doesn’t justify diaz making up his own rules regarding pot.

    What kind of logic is that?

    Thats like a child molester saying:
    “Hitler killed millions of people. All I did was molest a child and now everyone is made at me!”

  • drunkenjunk


    what about when Chael got suspended for using test, did he forget to fill out the proper forms for that one?

  • Ron Jeremy

    The lady did not ask Diaz if he knew how to read but the old cottonhead did ask Diaz how to pronounce his name, what the munchies feel like and the chick asked him who he buys from.

    She also tried to get Nick to admit weed is a performance enhancing drug.

    The commission lawyer came off as such an idiot every time he opened his mouth.

    This was the first and is probably the last time i watch an entire session. It was a fucking joke.

    What did become painfully apparent is that the many of the commissions procedures and forms are too ambiguous and open to interpretations.

    The Nick situation is simple in my eyes. Nick was not asked if he had smoked pot in the weeks leading up to the fight. The commission rules forbids the fighter from being under the influence of pot during the competition.

  • Voice of Reason

    Come on now, Chael was suspended last time. And this time he applied BEFORE the fight and got all the stuff done properly, that’s why he got exempted. Diaz on the other hand, didn’t. End of. Diaz fans just looking for excuses.
    Isn’t logic a bitch?

  • drunkenjunk


    you’re an idiot, sonnen is using a loophole to cheat. Not saying diaz didn’t fuck up, just saying its wrong that peds are worse than smoking weed.

  • Voice of Reason

    ^lol Diazfag. If it’s legal it’s legal. Randy used it too. So did Hendo. It’s about doing it right according to the rules. If the rules say you can, you can. And in Diaz’s case, you can’t. It’s kinda like having a gun without a permit, u can scream ‘I never used it’ all u want, but u still did it wrong according to the rules and should be pnished.PS. weed relieves pain, which helps in MMA. Idiot.

  • agentsmith

    weed relieves pain, which helps in MMA. Idiot.

    Except he wasn’t high during the fight.  Idiot.  You’re about as bright as the commission.

  • Giallo

    I hate people. especially people who think alcohol is ok to be legal but pot isn’t. fuck yous fuckers


    Fucking bizarro world.

    They green light a guy to use a banned substance that will make him bigger, stronger, faster and better able to injure his opponent and in the very next hearing they fine and suspend a fighter for smoking weed a week before his fight. WTF?

    I found it comical how they were implying and trying to get Nick to admit that weed was a performance enhancer (maybe if he was fighting a bag of Doritos and a couple 7 layer burritos).

    - Overeem got a 9 month suspension and no fine for abusing PED’s. He also lied his ass off at the hearing and fled the scene of the piss test.

    - Sonnen lied his ass off and even admitted he’d falsified previous licensing paperwork with the commission and they granted him a TUE for testosterone.

    - Nick was honest in his admission that he used pot, stopped a week out from the fight (making it’s use “out of competition”), and is only guilty of failing to disclose his pot use on the pre-fight medical questionnaire and they fined him $79,500 and suspended him for 12 months.

    Lesson learned: Never tell the truth or admit guilt and lie your ass off and you’ll be just fine. He should have told the commission that his manager told him that Kizer said it was ok to smoke pot and that he didn’t need to disclose it on the questionnaire or bring it up ever again.

  • Voice of Reason

    Agent Smith, why else do u think they fucking ban weed then? herp derp. Plus, like i said, if it’s not allowed and ur caught then its ur own fucking fault, even if it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. The NSAC could ban blue shorts for all they care, and u can say all day ‘it don’t make sense’ but bottom line is if u do it u get punished. People don’t fucking get how the world works or smth.

  • iamphoenix

    what happened to the comments sections?

  • drunkenjunk

    kill yourself voice of reason, you really think that weed effects you a week later?

    shortbus just nailed it all.

  • iamphoenix

    that’s a lot of shoes on those glasses


    See you all have it wrong.  What he should of said is his DR told him he needed more Protein and subscribed him certain protein bars to eat and he didn’t know they had THC in them. 

  • frickshun

    Can you idiots keep it down? I’m eating lunch.

  • Giallo

    Anybody who’s ever smoked knows it gives you superpowers.