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Thanks, Coach!

I have a coupon for a local boxing/MMA gym, but since I’ve yet to use it, I’ll have to go ahead and presume that most gyms contain a certain amount of average joes like me who will never achieve greatness.  Or probably even adequateness.  Such losers help pay the rent, but while the trainers may have to tolerate it, they don’t have to like it.

Enter the affable Eric Kelly, who delights in busting the balls of his rag-tag gang of dorky “miscreants” at the Church Street Boxing Gym in New York, “where everybody come to get f*cked with.”  No kidding.

(NSFW due to cuss-words, props to the Filmdrunk Frotcast.)

  • kwagnuth

    lol fuckin hilarious. I would never want to meet him though. I might punch him in his lazy eye and run.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This place is on the same block as my job.

    He definitely explains why they had to add MMA to the mix recently.

  • Blackula Jonez

    This video has slowly been making its way around the internet..

    I blame vimeo, what they have in picture quality they lose in regards to their videos spreading like wildfire across the interwebs.

  • Fizzy

    lol sweet jesus what a jerk…if that place had shut down due to a lack of clientele between the filming of that and right now, I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  • G Funk

    That shit was hilarious! Moar please.

  • Letibleu

    james toney has a hand in this mans upbringing

  • Carcass

    What a total dick.
    Yes those guys suck.  And yes, they are unathletic white boys who will never amount to anything in boxing terms.  However, he should remember who pays the rent.  He may resent their presence but they’re bankrolling his gym.
    I don’t doubt that my attempts at muay Thai seemed comical to my trainers in Thailand but they were at least polite enough to not mock me to my face and to realise that even though I wasn’t going to take a fight (that time) I still represented the gym and they worked hard to help me improve.
    I am sorry for him that he was injured and was unable to make his money fighting however in business and coaching terms, this man is a jackass and deserves to fail.

    But yes, those guys REALLY suck.

  • agentsmith

    Note the part where he’s mocking the dorky guy wrapping his hands, and the guy says “You never showed me.”  That’s a red flag, right there.

  • kwagnuth

    What he needs is a good swift kick in the balls.

  • raizor

    agentsmith summed it up pretty well. He does have an air of James Toney to him.

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