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That awkward moment when the guy fighting for the light heavyweight belt isn’t even officially ranked


The UFC has released its official rankings and while there aren’t many shockers or surprises included, there is one funny detail: Chael Sonnen didn’t make it into the top 10 for middleweight OR light heavyweight. You can partially blame that on his jumping between weight classes – he does have a legit case for being a top five middleweight. Four press members did include him in their light heavyweight rankings, but that wasn’t enough to erase the other 30 ignoring him completely. Is this just a temporary wrinkle in the rankings for Chael or evidence that his all style and no substance approach is starting to cost him some serious legitimacy points in the sport?

  • shane

    Uyenoyama should be ahead of cariaso dammit

  • YoungDonDraper

    “All style and no substance,” seriously? Sure, Sonnen’s career benefits from his charisma, but you’re just fighter bashing. Sonnen is a legit elite fighter, and anyone who denies that has no idea what they’re talking about and shouldn’t be writing a blog.