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That will sting a little

I’m just gonna warn you now: don’t watch the above video unless you’re into seeing people’s legs broken backwards and sideways. This is just to give you some context for the below information on the upcoming Pancrase NYE-ish show:

Also on the same card, Japanese female fighter Windy Tomomi (Pictures) is set to return for the first time since her accident at Bodog Fight Costa Rica on Feb. 17.

Tomomi, who had an ankle badly broken during her fight with Rosi Sexton, went through five surgeries and several months of rehabilitation in Japan before she was discharged from the hospital in June. Since then, Tomomi started back with light training and physical therapy before officially announcing her return to the ring.

So for those of you keeping count, she took 10 months to recover from this injury and step back into the ring. Now that is fucking hardcore. I think it’d have taken me 10 months just to stop screaming hysterically that MY FUCKING LEG SNAPPED IN HALF. Now excuse me while I go drink a few litres of milk.

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    oh SNAP.

  • Vale Nada

    She cracked under pressure.

  • fightlinker

    haha … i love puns

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    her ankle was her achilles heel…

  • Jemaleddin

    When I watched that on TV, the thing that really impressed me was the way that Rosi’s corner-man kept grabbing her and not letting her look at Windy. That’s just not something you want to see and feel responsible for, even as an accident. Yeesh.

  • fightlinker

    Yup very smart. Seeing something like that can fuck you up and change you … like seeing someone get kicked in the face with a skate during figure skating. Yeah, you really wanna keep that shit up after seeing something like that

  • Foreskin Face Pete

    what no more puns? i guess those are the breaks

  • fightlinker

    Lets hope this injury doesn’t let her opponents get a leg up on her during her fights.

  • Accomando

    Guess she took it literally when her conerman told her to, “break a leg”

  • Vale Nada

    I guess she broke her promise.

  • Vale Nada

    She got boned.

  • Vale Nada

    okay, enough of me …my head is “twisted”

  • operator

    Women have a higher tolerance for pain if that was a man he would have hit higher notes than she did. Hard to watch but at least she is comng back she makes some of the tuf guys look like pussies. Having said that I like a bendy woman but that is too much.

  • Matt Hughes

    I believe she was legitimately injured. I know how much that hurts. I had a broken leg myself when i fought Frank Trigg.

    Respectfully yours, Matt Hughes

  • marco9690

    OK, by all appearances that would smart, but if they had to amputate, she’d end up with the best nickname in MMA, “Peg”


    Rosi Sexton is one of my best friends

    Every time she goes for that move in the gym now, we all die a little inside… Then breathe out in relief that no-one got maimed

  • turbofeber

    that snapping twig sound was a bit sickening

  • Big D D

    oh chasquido!…. learn about it!

  • kentyman

    I don’t know what you guys are getting all bent out of shape about.