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The 2011 ESPN Body Issue is out

2009 was a good year for fans of Gina Carano. Sure, she lost that fight with Cris Cyborg and then completely disappeared from the sport for two years. But before she left, she graced us with her smokin hot naked self for an ESPN Body Issue pictorial.

If you’re rusty on the concept of the ESPN Body Issue, it’s basically an excuse to show a bunch of athletes naked and in poses that artfully cover up their icky sinful genitals and mammary glands. 2009 included MMA stars Gina Carano and Randy Couture (only his ears – no saggy full monty, thank Zeus). 2010 had the Cyborgs. Eeeeh.

And now 2011 has … Jon Jones? And that’s it? Goddammit, ESPN … you screwed us again. Where’s the sexy for us male MMA fans? You can check out all of this year’s participants here, but ogling shot putters and sprinters just isn’t as much fun. I can’t wait until Ronda Rousey snaps some people’s arms in half so she can be in this next year.

A MMA Body Issue recap after the jump.

Mr and Mrs Cyborg.

Randy Couture’s nasty ear

And now the pic you’ve been waiting for … Gina Carano. This is a high def image so if you want to … uh … inspect it closer you can ‘View Image’ it up.

  • Danjo


    Wy u kno tittays?

  • iamphoenix

    volds was on the other side of that bush.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Someone needs to teach me how to make pictures show… I feel pathetic

  • G Funk

    HOTDAMN! I want to put him on a stick a lick him GONE!

  • agentsmith

    I think I see a fetus growing in Handy’s ear.

  • glassjawsh

    still more appealing than snooky

  • Danjo

    Keyboard Warrior = win

  • Omomatta

    Thank you for clarifying that was Randy’s ear. For a second there I though it was Cyborg’s Cauliflower Vagina.

  • iamphoenix

    nice job keyboard(if that was your photoshop) but still lol

    right below this comment box it says input format. place your hand on your mouse and navigate your way to it so the arrow that is on the computer monitor hovers over it. click on it. you will see two(2) options: Filtered HTML and Full HTML. Click Full HTML. Then click the tree icon that will appear above this comment box. A little window will open. Paste the url code thing in there. GREAT SUCCESS.

    But what i’ve been doing lately is just doing Full HTML, the dragging a picture from an open tab and dropping it in here. seems to work just as fine and efficienter.

    This was me using my positive energy as love, richard.

  • CAP

    ^That may only be for “star” members. If there were such a thing.

  • Danjo

    Omanineedabetterhandle: That was good shit

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    the gays get all the fun

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Nope! dragging it doesn’t work and that input format thing isn’t showing, probs cause I’m not a jackal… YET. I’ll just stick to ugly ass links :(
    And yes it’s my photoshop, I’m not a biter if that’s what you assume.
    Thanks for trying though, I don’t care what everyone else says about ya behind your back, I reckon you’re alright *thumb up and a wink* < could have been an actual picture