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The Animated Tales of Chael Sonnen


Lookoutawhale returns with ‘The Animated Tales of Chael Sonnen.’ Watch it before the copyright nazis have it deleted for no good reason!

  • CAP

    Can’t wait til this shit catches up with him.

  • G Funk

    Great interview made super awesome by lookoutawhale. The first minute made me LOL.

  • Night Rider

    I’ve watched it three times already, just for the part about lil nog feeding the bus a carrot while big nog pets it. Fuck Chael is a super troll but he is funny as shit sometimes. “Do you remember when I said he fed the bus a carrot?” Solid Gold!

  • 32hunter

    he’s absolutely right about hose.

  • frickshun

    Fucking awesome.

  • Komodo

    Windows 95 :D

  • thingvolds

    first time ive heard that interview. props to that guy for editing it down and animating it, otherwise i probably wouldnt sit though it. its actually entertaining. one month i cant stand chael, the next im a fan. i guess hes trolling me.

  • frickshun

    I’m a fan.