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The CBS media blitz begins!

Thank god these things look good. After yesterday’s Country Kimbo Award thing, I was starting to worry that CBS had tasked Sumner Redstone’s autistic nephew with promotions for the May 31st show.

  • Stellar53

    I must say, not to shabby…

  • Stryker

    Kimbo fights the “best” in mixed martial arts,
    Wow, I never knew Tank “Man titties” Abbott was the best.

  • Jemaleddin

    Wait, Kimbo fights the best in mixed martial arts? Since when?

  • Jemaleddin

    This is why it’s important not to take a phone call when you should be getting your obvious comment-joke posted. When will I learn? Fightlinker first, life second.

  • garth

    i thought tank was a collection of limbs attached to a belly.

  • asdfasd

    Man, of all the people they could’ve put as main event (Lawler, Carano…) they put this guy…

  • ruttenjump

    That 2nd commercial was kind of funny. Definitely a nice touch bringing his mom in there.


    Kimbo’s gonna have a bigger name than Tito or Lidell after this. +1 for Elite XC……

  • Dibiase

    Kudos on these ads . . . and in Accordance with the Kimbo hype machine, I’ll say these ads qualify as his television acting debut and he’ll now sweep the Emmys.

  • Gilbert

    Wait, where do they get off referring to Tank Abbott, Bo Cantrell, and James Thompson the best in mixed martial arts, and since when did fighting on an Elite XC card make you “champions”? I’d just like to know

  • Gilbert

    ..the 2nd commercial was kinda funny hehe

  • natureboy

    Uh, Scott Smith’s name is in the promo?

  • Roxy

    LMAO that is so funny…..

    so cool…

    so jealous XD

    but that’s okay! I think I’ll go watch the kimbo one again….LOL