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The Chael Sonnen business is good business

Chael Sonnen sure does a good job tending to his garden of opponents. It looks like he’s got a fresh beef growing there right now!

“Take that punk Chael Sonnen, I don’t even know what your name is, and get out,” Belfort said right after the fight. “Dana, Lorenzo, kick him out. Let me fight Jon Jones. I need that rematch. Take that clown away. Go home. You did a reality show, go home. Let me fight the real champion. A champion against a champion – not that clown.”

Sonnen fired back on the Fuel TV post-fight show.

“Let be really clear and speak directly to you, Vitor. You’ve been telling the world you want to meet Jesus, and I’ll gladly arrange that travel. But first, I’m going to get rid of Jon Jones, but you are next.

“Let me be clear,” Sonnen continued. “Vitor, I accept, but don’t make any mistake about that. You’ve called me out twice now. Once after I signed a contract to fight Anderson, and once when you know I was busy with Jon Jones, but I’m letting you know I accept.”

So he’s got Jon Jones and now Vitor Belfort lined up, and he’s even keeping twitter wars with Rampage Jackson going just in case the guy decides not to leave the UFC after his fight with Glover Teixiera. Three big money fights to keep him occupied through 2013. Who needs a matchmaker?

  • Reverend Clint

    lol good come back from Chael as ive always wanted to say the same thing to the religiously deranged, though chael isnt too far from vitor.

  • Voice of Reason

    U can hate on Chael but he’s the best shittalker in the business.

  • Nachtfalter

    Everyone needs a matchmaker. And preferably one who doesn’t give away undeserved title opportunities like a pedophile gives away candy on Halloween. Sonnen/Jones and GSP/Diaz are disgusting match-ups and I can only implore everyone not to support this carnival nonsense and watch those two cards without paying the UFC a dime.

    Just to clarify, I’m not knocking Joe Silva because I don’t believe for a second that he made the call on either of those retarded match-ups. He’s pretty decent at what he does when he’s not overruled by greedy morons who don’t understand that two decent pay-days aren’t worth compromising the credibility of their championships and their matchmaking structure as a whole.

  • Voice of Reason

    Not defending them but the UFC is a business, they give the fans. what they want. U gotta blame the fans. Fans believe Diaz’s strikeforce hype so they think it’ll be a good fight… but GSP will just dryhump him for 5 boring rounds.

  • frickshun

    Chael is the best!! He’s gonna win at all the press conferences & sound byte competitions. Then he’s gonna get murdered & raped (in that order) in the cage against Jones.