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The CSAC is all about fighter safety

Newbs like to give Babalu Sobral a hard time over his choke of David Heath, but that’s nothing compared to what Mike Kyle did to Bryan Olsen back in May 2006. The CSAC wasn’t able to collect a nice bonus from Kyle like they were for Babalu, so they ‘indefinately suspended’ Kyle from competing in MMA. And by ‘indefinate’ I mean 16 months. Kyle is back in action October 2nd at a Central Valley Cagefighting show in Fresno.

There’s lots of rumbling and grumbling that Kyle will be given a taste of his own medicine soon enough. Isn’t it great to see MMA has grown to the point where we’re willing to deal with our own problems rather than rely on athletic commissions to do that kind of stuff? Thank you CSAC for re-licensing a guy who should never be allowed to fight in mixed martial arts ever again. I hope his $180 application fee sits in your pockets comfortably after the next incident like this.

  • ACanadianPotHead

    That was some brutal shit.

    People made too big of a deal about Sobral, all he did was hang on for an xtra second. What that guy did was fucked up. Looked like a street fight, no room for that shit. Hope he gets his.

    WAR GSP!!!

  • Dr J

    Ahh the good old WEC days, when Baroni was color-commentator.

  • garth

    Wow… what a weird thing. It didn’t seem like the fight was super-emotional or bloody or anything, it seemed that guy just snapped. And he’s coming back? Who’s going to “give him what’s coming to him”? who’s he fighting? lord, that was pretty lame.

  • Accomando

    “…People made too big of a deal about Sobral, all he did was hang on for an xtra second…”

    I agree.

  • Tommy

    I forget where but I seen a fight recently where the fighter was worse then this..guy kept fighting then tried to run around the ref and still continued to rail down blows.

  • ajadoniz

    lethal injection, IMO.

  • marshal

    Babalu was much worse, he gave us a glimpse of his insanity with his comments afterwards.

  • Dukes

    Mike Kyle is a fucking piece of shit who should not be allowed to breathe, never mind fight. Scum of the earth sack of shit that needs to have syringes full of Clorox plunged into his eyeballs.

  • jjdnb

    almost as bad as Gilber Yvel beating up a refere in the middle of his mma fight. Look it up its fucking ridiculous