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The Culinary Union’s latest jab at the UFC

The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a nice in-depth look at Culinary Local 226, the fine folks trying to mess with MMA because they can’t get the workers at the Fertitta’s Station Casinos to unionize. In addition to calling them out on their ‘Captain Ahab’ like fixation with Zuffa, they also point out a new anti-UFC website created by the union: It’s basically a ‘Dana White’s greatest hits’ site, if by greatest hits they meant crudest statements:

“Whoever gave you that quote is a pussy and a fucking faggot.”

“Hey, you’re the one with the fucking gay-colored phone. Don’t be fucking with me.” camera’s bothering ‘em. They get nervous. They don’t want to fight, they don’t want to do this.”

“That big-mouthed bitch, that clown.”

“Jake Rossen, go fuck yourself.” [youtube?wmode=transparent” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

“I never fucking read. If you send me a fucking e-mail longer than two sentences, I won’t read that either. I hate readin.’” &feature=related

Goodness gracious, he declared reading to be among his least favorite proclivities! This is outrageous and simply beyond the pale. I must write my congressperson and have them stamp out this vile sport with it’s foul mouthed owner immediately! FREEDOM!

  • agentsmith

    This is the lamest shit ever.  I suppose union people never curse and are extremely well-read.

  • iamphoenix

    he actually said expletive? wtf? be a real man dana white and use a real cuss word! like, fuck, or shit. stop using expletive,

  • CAP

    This is getting entertaining! No matter what you do in this world there will be someone getting sand in their vaj over it. You can pick and choose quotes to make anyone look bad but Dana has given them plenty of ammo.

  • Oontyex

    im so confused :S culinary = cooking right? or am i off?
    or are they some kind of union rep group ??

  • benhamil

    Thank god the culinary union is looking out for us. I hope they also take on the off-field murder, drug use, and dog fighting that permeates other sports. I can only dream that one day, we’ll all be safe.

  • G Funk

    What is that last symbol on the expletive photo. Looks foreign to me…

    And Hyan, please stop writing articles like Dick(cock).

  • iamphoenix

    …so i visited the unfitforchildren blog and it’s a pretty good fuckin blog. if you ever need a bad ass pussy lickin’ good quote than there’s no other fucking place to fuckin go bitch. i lolled so hard i punched at least 3 japanese children in their god damn cunty faces because like the culinary people said, it’s unfit for children, and children made dana white say these hilarious things, so children must be punished!! deuces

  • Patrick79x

    They have a link where you can email them with your “Concerns” about Dana.

    I think I’ll email them stating that I concerned Dana doesn’t wipe the shit from his dick before going ass to mouth on Mr. Culinary’s Momma.

  • Omomatta

    I Bet DW sure as shit likes reading his bank statements.

  • frickshun

    ^^That might be detrimental to our cause.

    At least they used a flattering pic. He’s not completely fat looking.

  • CAP

    I like how they categorize his offending statements into groups, Obscenities, Slurs and Cheap Shots! This is something I would expect more from MADD or your local church. Jesus wouldn’t tap btw.

  • glassjawsh

    well no fucking shit cage fighting and strong language aren’t intended for young children. way too foxnews like to be taken seriously


    I’m glad Zach Arnold is finally getting paid for his anti-Dana White rhetoric.

  • KeyboardWarrior

    Jesus’ only weakness is the crucifix position

  • iamphoenix

    i’m gonna send in this letter to the culinary people…

    Dear Culinary Union,

    My name is Mrs. Johnson. I’m a 400 pound stay at home black woman. I’ve been sitting in this same chair, at least I think it’s a chair, I haven’t seen it in 6 years. Anyways, when I’m not making pancakes or watching Maury, I’m watching the UFC. Oh, and when I’m not eating six pounds of bacon for breakfast. I’m writing because I seen your website while my little kids, each weighin 155 pounds at the age of 4 was about to go to a health class to lose some weight by taking a karate class just like Lyoto Machida probably done did when he was a youngin. Them lightweights in the UFC you know so they can make weight.

    I think it’s good a good thing though that you put all of Dana White’s hilarious quotes up there for me to read. Some days I feel too fat to laugh, but ever since you created the site I’ve been laughing my fat off. I’ve lost 10 pounds straight from laughing. Them 10 pounds fell off and killed my dog though.

    So I took your advice and pulled my kids from karate class. It’s better to be fat and die of heart attacks than come across some foul language at times, even though all those quotes came from internet interviews and such and never during a UFC broadcast which is the only way my kids watch it.


    sincerely, Mrs Johnson


    ps, i attached a picture of me below




  • frickshun

    BWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the guy I fell in like with!!

  • FiveBoltMain

    fucking penix!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    That’s exactly the kind of joke Franklin would’ve loved!

  • thingvolds

    “They have a link where you can email them with your “Concerns” about Dana.”

    i emailed and sent a donation.

  • Redping

    volds for cunt of the year multiple years running

  • Reverend Clint

    fuck the mexican union

  • thingvolds

    “volds for cunt of the year multiple years running”

    you would never say that to my face

  • CAP

    well well well

  • agentsmith

    Thingvolds would totally kick all of our asses in real life… then drive off laughing with his uber-hot model girlfriend in his gold-plated Bugatti Veyron.

  • thingvolds

    cap is correct
    smith is correct

  • agentsmith

    Of course I am, you cunt.

  • frickshun

    ^^You would never say that to MY face.
    Because it melted off during 9/11. No I wasn’t there. I was helping John “Thingvolds” Stark perfect his jetback when it set my head on fire during a test run.

  • Reverend Clint

    volds strikes me as one of the faggy yuppies in american psycho

  • iamphoenix

    no, volds is a man of character and bravado, never one to back down to a jazz band player on the streets and drop that motherfucker with a reverse heel kick to the cranium all the whiles wearing a pinstriped tux laced with cocaine and pussy sweat.

  • agentsmith

    ^ It could be the whiskey talking, but that’s brilliant, man.

  • G Funk

    Silly penix. Thngvolds doesn’t do reverse heel side-check kicks. He’d tai otoshi that trumpet sucking faggot.

  • Omomatta

    fenix… said reverse heel kick? I think you meant reverse cowgirl, right?