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The Diaz Brothers have landed

You can practically see the passive aggressive sarcasm dripping here. Man, whoever is running the UFC’s Instagram account is cruisin’ for a slap.

  • CAP

    209 Ziggys must be a head shop.

    I wonder if Hendricks is on this call too to call bullshit.

  • agentsmith

    How did you know?!

  • noiseless

    shit, even i didnt catch that one. you a junkie, CAP

  • CAP

    Haha lucky guess but it just seemed obvious. I didn’t even bother to check.

    Why can’t I reply to agentsmither’s reply??

  • fightfan

    Damn……is that Nate? Holy shit did he get fat! Must of starting eating like a pig after Benson schooled him. He looks bigger than Nick

  • Voice of Reason

    A gimme fight for GSP. At this point he’s starting to look like Andy in terms of ‘gimme’ fights