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The dirt on Houston Alexander

For every person who’s jumping the gun on hyping Houston Alexander, theres someone out there jumping the gun on dismissing him. A lot of people (myself included) have called bullshit on his claim that he fought hundreds of fights. We also chalked up his ‘family man’ thing as a cliche. But considering he’s not going to dissapear any time soon, I decided to do some research into him and found this article that tells you everything you need to know. If you don’t feel like reading it, I’ll sum it up and lets see how his karma fares:

Bad Karma:

  • Assaulted a police officer (borderline bad)
  • Domestic abuse (very bad)

Good Karma:

  • Single father of six (he has full custody of them all)
  • Donated a kidney to his daughter (50% less pain from kidney shots)
  • Runs the School Culture Shock Tour, educating kids about music
  • Pimped at UFC75 (okay, that wasn’t in the article, but it’s still pretty cool)

The article also verifies his claims of an extensive amateur record. While it may not be hundreds, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was above 100 fights.

So while punching out cops and women are two pretty big things on the ‘Bad’ list, they were both in the past. I’d rather give a man props for the things he’s doing right now than shit on the mistakes he’s made in the past. His obvious dedication to his family and community go a long way to convincing me Houston is an okay guy. So as long as he keeps his nose clean and his violence in the ring, you can officially count me as on his bandwagon. WAR NEBRASKA!

**UPDATE** There’s no proof on the domestic abuse thing.

**UPDATE # 2** Wow, a correction on a correction. Looks like The Reader did remove this specific paragraph from their article:

It wasn’t his only run-in with the law. He alludes to “a whole bunch of domestic,” referring to disturbances involving women that led to police intervention.

Of course, the problem with changing articles and not explaining why is that we don’t know why the paragraph was removed. You’ll notice some fishy wording in there … ‘alludes’ being the key one. The reporter also assigns his own assumption to what ‘domestic’ is.

Sure, it might make perfect sense to a white dude from the ‘burbs that ‘domestic’ = ‘domestic abuse’, but really it could just be Ebonics for ‘fucking some bitches up, putting them in their place’. Hmm … that’s not very good either. Anyways, I think the fact that the paragraph was retracted is noteworthy enough to still justify this correction. But it does feel good that I didn’t just make this whole thing up in my head.

  • Mr. Theplague

    That was an ideal fight to start the night off with. I think that domestic assault prepared him for the octagon. And off topic- please start a Fightlinker MMA playground team that I can join.

  • Matt

    Isnt it ‘MMA’ ha! I forget which one he said but I think that was his only sponsor he mentioned..I didnt hear 8-Ball nutrition.

  • Napoleon

    Id like to see him whipe that smile of Bispings face.

  • Tommy

    He surely has stone hands and is a contender. I gotta say though he fights a little tense and I think will gas in the later rounds. Guess we’ll have to wait a little while to find someone who can stay awake long enough to test that theory though.

  • Cyrus

    What’s wrong with punching a cop in the face? That should be on the good Karma side. Just like choking out a punk like David Heath and disregarding a jerkoff like Mazzagati. It’s the fucking bloodlust, man. The only thing I dock him for is the domestic abuse.

  • Johnny Geovani

    haha, yeah he was so gassed after 1 round he couldn’t even talk after the fight.

  • kentyman

    “Nebraska… is in… the building.”

    What a turd.

  • Thomas

    Houston Alexander is the greatest fighter that had ever lived. Hes even greater than fighters not even born yet. He should have his own belt, Mid Heavyweight Champion of the world. Make it at 210 lbs. All hail Houston Alexander. FYI….Sarcasm is great huh

  • Rollo the Cat

    Didn’t somebody tell you there was something not quite right about this guy. I am waiting for the time bomb to go off on international TV.

    Who knows, maybe he has his stuff together now.

  • Rollo the Cat

    OK, I just heard this story about Houston on Knockout Radio with Randy Harris. Some guy from Nebraska calls in and says that 6 years back, he went to a bar with his friend, a 3 time all American rassler. Houston Alexander was fighting in a cage, taking on all comers and beating them. He offered 500. to anyone who could take him.

    So his friend stepped up and took the challenge. After a few minutes, his friend gets Houston in a choke and taps him out. He was all happy until Houston sucker punches him after the fight. A big brawl breaks out in the bar. When everything settles down, he gets his money and supposedly everything was ok.

    I am telling you, he will do something spectacular in the UFC. It just might not be during the fight.

  • Max Power

    i would put the “assaulting a cop” under good karma

  • Old_Fogey

    The article you link to does not say anything about ‘domestic violence’. What are you talking about exactly?

  • Larry

    That article says nothing about domestic abuse, how about you try and not defame a guy.

  • gary

    The man is a fighter. Respect his bravery and ability to even get in the cage. The poster cant because he is a soft, keyboard tough guy. In real life he wouldnt even look at Houston, never mind post negative stories. WUSS

  • Old_Fogey