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The Expanding UFC 133 Post

Tito Ortiz walks us through the end of his fight with Rashad Evans:

“I tried to get my body up,” he said. “My mind said, ‘Get up,’ but my body wasn’t doing it. The ref said, ‘Protect yourself.’ I had my hands up, I tried to get up, the heart said, ‘Get up,’ the mind says, ‘Get up,’ but the body doesn’t react to it. Rashad was the better man.”

Gif via Iron Forges Iron.

Awards were 70k a piece and went to:

Fight of the Night:Rashad Evans drubbing Tito Ortiz
KO of the Night: Vitor Belfort
Sub of the Night: No award cause there were no subs. Boo this man!
Enemy of Man Panties: Brian Ebersol, and yes, he really got 70k for taking Dennis Hallman and his nasty banana hammock out.

MMA Fighting has pics up, including shots of blond new girl, TransWorld Motocross Guest Octagon Girl Chrissy Hubbard.

Sounds like Dana White is super serial about hating Dennis Hallman’s teensy tiny shorts:

“I’m seriously pissed off at the guys who work us who let him walk out with those things on,” White said.

White suggested the employee (or employees) responsible could be terminated. Additionally, Hallman, who had won two straight fights before his first-round TKO loss to Brian Ebersole at UFC 133, appears headed to the unemployment line.

“I’ve never been so embarrassed being in the UFC,” White said after the event, which took place at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center.

White said such skimpy bottoms are now officially banned from competition. But it’s not just because they’re revealing; he said they’re also simply not functional for an active and close-quarters sport such as MMA.

As a few key eagle-eye TV viewers noticed during one ground scramble, Hallman’s groin was briefly exposed.

“I thought we had some common sense, at least a little common sense,” White said. “That was a really bad moment. I was horrified.”

Here’s a question for Dana White not asked at the post-fight press conference: how long have you been on your period and when is it going to end?

Charles Barkley, fresh out of Obama’s Hip Hop BBQ, visits UFC 133. NO JOBS CREATED!


The press conference for those of you who didn’t catch it live. Part 2 and 3 over at MMA Mania.

Zapruder evidence of Dennis Hallman’s TRT enhanced testicles. Uncensored here. Admit it, it was the most interesting thing that’s happened at a UFC event since Brian Ebersole’s hairrow.


  • fishead

    Hallman needs more sponsors, so he’ll have to wear bigger trunks…

    I don’t think they’re near as bad as the ones Shonie Carter was known for breaking out, though.

  • kvelertak

    Hallman’s junk popped out.

  • Night Rider

    Rashad looked awesome great fight. Can’t wait to hear a podcast all about it, hint hint. I would love it if you guys did a post show podcast, I doubt im alone. All in all for what seemed like an unimpressive card I was pretty entertained, and holy shit Rory is a beast.

  • 32hunter

    imo the reason Hallman’s trunks were so bad is be cause he’s so white that the contrast really stands out with modern hd on big screen tvs. plus his ass and balls were literally coming out all over the place. apparently Dana is banning them from the octagon.

  • P W

    kvelertak: I wonder how our resident cock-poster Letibleu will react to you stepping into his domains…

  • P W

    “TransWorld”, what the heck does that mean? Chrissy used to be a dude named Chris?

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble

    “All in all for what seemed like an unimpressive card I was pretty entertained”

    Agree. 4 finishes and 1 decent scrap between Phillip-poop and Rivera.

    Much better than I expected.

  • Reverend Clint

    the new chick looks like some bitch they would bpick up at a motocross competition.

  • Symbul

    That’s how I like my homosexual skinhead fighting.

  • Rob2Kx

    Dana White has obviously never played team sports before. He’s too scared to admit that naked and scantily clad men are hilarious. The team shower is the best part of any practice or game.

  • Billytk

    WTF was up with having that blond trailer trash chick instead of Brittany??

  • P W

    “”I’ve never been so embarrassed being in the UFC,” White said …”

    Oh, really Dana? We regularly see refs and judges fuck up so monumentally you begin questioning not only the legitimacy of the sport, but the future of all mankind. We’ve seen fighters so exhausted and/or incompetent they have been completely unable to create anything at all. We’ve seen Nate Quarry chase a backpedaling Kalib Starnes while making an elephant’s trunk with his arms. But what makes you want to melt through your seat out of embarrassment – when there for a split second might have been some sudden ball exposure. What, are you a 11 year old girl? Americans are so hilariously prude.

  • glassjawsh

    wtf ryan, these things aren’t incredible anymore??

    and yoshihiro akiyama isn’t dead enough (yet) to be accurately compared to arturo gatti

  • scissors61

    I was at the fights and let me just say that Philly fans are the biggest fucking scumbags ever. I’ve heard bad crowds before but this was insane. By the end of the main event a fat girl two seats down from me was arguing with about 10 people and screaming “RASHAD WON AND YOU CALL ME A BITCH!? I’M THE BITCH!?!!” over and over again. That’s just one example. They booed every winner outside of Belfort and Ebersole (McDonald got some cheers but also many, many boos). 

  • glassjawsh

    ^ you shouled be booed you if you don’t write a goddamned post about being there

    also chad mendes deserves to be booed, every time i watch him i get angry because i know he CAN be awesome but instead chooses to fight like a bitch for points

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I love knees to the chest.

  • Letibleu

    mini fitch

  • scissors61

    post will be up tomorrow if all goes according to plan 

  • iamphoenix

    i remember scissors…where have you been i love you.

  • frickshun

    I thought Skizz waz dead. Apparently wishes DON’T come true………kidding.

  • Night Rider

    Reread some of this post/comments and I just come away feeling Clint’s avatar needs etiher a Riker Beard or something a little more hoboish like what Kongo was wearing recently. Clint ….others…. your thoughts?


    And If Phoenix goes back to his full head to toe two bros hangin out type avatar they must wear training mask manties from here on out. 

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    FickettKnight Rider’s drunk again – he’s confusing G-Funk with Fenix.

  • Night Rider

    Ahh youre right DJ i was thinking of G-Funk , but I wasn’t drunk, I was high get it right. hehe thanks 

  • G Funk

    What, my current Avi isn’t gay enough?

  • frickshun

    ^^Saw a great billboard in NYC yesterday. It said “If you don’t support gay marriage, don’t get gay married.”

    That goes double for you G. Especially knowing how sensitive you are lately….

  • iamphoenix

    i have the biebs as my Avi so i can jerk off whenever i’m on FL.

  • G Funk

    Frick, your post makes no sense what so ever.

  • frickshun


  • Night Rider

    lol phenix


    I still stand by my statements about clints avatar

  • G Funk

    I gayed it up more for you NR

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Can I get a link to the original, G?  Looks like Delagrotte Pr0n.

  • Reverend Clint

    the riker beard is a good one

  • G Funk

    Here it is DJ, courtesy of Leti


  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Even more homo-erotic than I thought.  Bravo!

  • frickshun

    That is fucking terrible G!! I’m talking about those awful sideburns. I have no problem w/a little guy on guy tongue action.

  • iamphoenix

    ^same here. he needs to brush his tongue though. yuck.

  • G Funk

    Tongue cheese can be tasty…