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The Fight for the Troops 2 Awards

As far as post-event news is concerned, there’s usually nothing more important to the fans than the bonus / awards the UFC gives out. Now I think it’s time that Fightlinker starts giving out it’s own awards, too. Sure, they don’t come with $30,000 dollars, but maybe I can mail out some ham sandwiches with onions and mustard or something.

The ‘Unheralded Kings of Ass Kicking’ award: Rani Yahya and Matt Wiman

There’s nothing more frustrating than a jiu jitsu black belt who can’t even get a hold of his opponent. In contrast, Rani stuck to Mike Brown like superglue for their entire fight, seizing every opportunity he had to grab him and then drag him to the ground. People drowning in quicksand have an easier time than Brown had on Saturday night. It’s too bad fans are more likely to credit Brown with sucking more than Rani with being awesome in this fight.

As for Matt Wiman, he’s finally getting the coming out party he got screwed out of because of the Mac Danzig fight snafu. If he proves that he can have performances like that on a consistent basis, he could get out of the fat middle of the 155 division into the contender’s circle. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I like Cole Miller, but he’s still just Cole Miller.

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(picture via CageWriter)
The ‘Good Effort’ award: Cody McKenzie
Let’s be honest – Cody probably shouldn’t be in the UFC. But he nutted up and agreed to face 50 fight veteran Yves Edwards, and handled himself pretty damn well right up until Yves flipped the script and choked him out. And then not tapping? I obviously like Cody too much. Even the way he loses is awesome!

The ‘Your Only Reward is Unemployment’ reward: Joey Beltran and Tim Hague
Joey Beltran is a pretty durable punching bag, but that’s about it. As for Tim, who knows why he was even brought back to the UFC in the first place? He must have found some sort of magic monkey’s paw offering wishes that are actually curses in disguise.

The ‘One More Chance’ award: Mike Brown
Mike took this fight two weeks after a split decision loss to Diego Nunes because he felt he had something to prove. Unfortunately, he ended up proving pretty much the opposite of what he had in mind. There’s a whole bunch of reasons the UFC might give Mike another shot: the stepping up on short notice, his status as a former champion, the lack of name fighters at featherweight, and of course his two wins over Urijah Faber that have yet to be avenged. On the other side of the coin, when he has a bad night, he really has a bad night. Woof.

The ‘Worst Way to End a Career’ award: Mike Guymon
It sucks to end your fight career screaming “Tap!” to a camel clutch. But I guess he got his shot in the UFC and that Yoshida win to hang his hat on. Fare well, Joker!

The ‘Biggest Ego’ award: Melvin Guillard
“I want my title shot. I’m the dark horse in this game at 155 pounds. No disrespect to anybody in my weight class, but I am the best 155-pound fighter in the UFC!” Tell that to Nate Diaz. Or Jeremy Stephens, who barely lost a split decision to Guillard a few months ago. Crushing Evan Dunham was impressive, but Melvin has never had a problem with being impressive from time to time. He has a problem with being consistent. Consistently impressive, and consistently not a moron. We’ll see if he’s turned that corner over the next 12 months. Until then, I will continue to roll my eyes whenever Melvin mentions a title shot.

The ‘Don’t Beleive the Hype’ award: Matt Mitrione
Yes, he’s obviously got mad KO skillz. But how about we wait and see how he handles a step up from the literal trash of the UFC heavyweight division? Christ, his hit list is comprised of Big Baby, Kimbo, Joey Beltran, and Tim Hague. There’s not even a Gonzaga level guy in there yet and Goldberg is acting like Matt’s got more ‘raw athleticism’ than Brock Lesnar.

The ‘Worst Screwup by a Commission Official’ Award: The idiot who stopped the Hominick / Roop fight
We all agree that Roop was on his way out, but every fighter would rather get the chance to fight his way to the end than be ‘saved’ by the ref. Just ask Frankie Edgar. George Roop was most definitely rocked, but he was also most definitely not out. He was still even intelligently defending himself, pushing Hominick off with his feet when the referee called the fight. Simply put, the ref was out of position, made a judgment call from across the cage that he needed to run in and stop the fight, and he was wrong.

  • GoldenArms

    mitrione could probably beat brock lesnar. it only takes one punch and half a gas tank. after he gets KTFO by JDS, it’s time for Lesnar and Bob Sapp to get it on

  • Symbul

    Could see them giving Beltran another go-around. He’s a fat LHW and his skills aren’t particularly impressive but he’s game and coming off a fight of the night before Saturday.

  • MadMan

    “Most Impressive Looking Head Kick (That Did Not Land)” award: Pat Barry.

    This guy has some of the best technical skills in the game. His confidence inside the cage is what holds him back. If he truly starts to believe in himself and how good of a fighter he is….Pat Barry can still be a force to be reckoned with.

  • frickshun

    ^^I want to believe Barry is more than what he has shown us. I don’t.

  • Subbevil

    “KEEP KICKING HIM IN THE LEG FOR FUCKSAKE” -Me, about 1400 times in the Berry/Beltran fight.

  • NoFlegraPor

    Two things:

    I liked the fighter-shorts contrast between Brown and Yahya. Brown looked like the veteran he is, while Rani looked like a 16 Y/O who just climbed out of the rec center pool. Baggy black swim trunks are pimp.

    Also, I’m glad Goldberg and Joe are being balanced in their dick-sucking of ridiculous physiques. Waylon Lowe looked like he lived in the weight room, but you could tell that powering all that bulk took its toll. Rogan made the point often towards the end of the bout so that the kids watching could get it hammered home: Big lats don’t equal a W at this level.

  • jjdnb

    love Barry’s muay thai but man, why does he hold back so much? And why does he like to block punches with his face? Really strange for a high lvl kickboxer.
    He’s lacking confidence in his ground game which is to be expected but there is only one way to fix that up…and it’s not by giving funny interviews

  • subo

    sub – seriously.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (or, to be more apt, if you’re on your way to breaking it, break it)

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I could not believe he didn’t make with more kicking of the legs.  But those punches might’ve scared hm too much to have the confidence to land a solid combo.  I don’t wanna let Rogan’s strikegasm over Barry eliminate the effects of Beltran’s work.

    Barry seems to have good individual tools, but not the footwork/flow t put ‘em together, so its going to be tough to take advantage of his power.

    Especially against wrestlers.

  • Predator8u

    Good night of fights. Best part was the day after, at gym when Two roided up mother fuckers going on about how awesome that Pat Berry v Hog fight was. dumbmeatheads

    I’am beyond goldsy constantly lieing to may face about next god reincarnated.

    Sucks melvin won, cocky coke head.

    Wiman looked real soft( but dam good, have him drop to 145. HELLZ YA

    they should set up  Matt Mitrione vs Schaub or Gonzaga

    btw sory about weird post sytle. IE is being a cunt.