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The Fightlinker / Cage Potato UFC 84 Ipecac Bet

As you may or may not know, we challenged Cage Potato to a test of manly MMA knowledge a few weeks back. After carefully deliberating with the Jackals and Spuds, we’ve come up with the terms: We will both predict the results of UFC 84, and whoever’s predictions are less accurate has to put up a video of themselves drinking ipecac.

If you’re not convinced of the potent effect of this wonderful emetic substance, you can see the real deal after the jump, although it’s really not as funny as the Family Guy video. For those of you who want to help me defeat those Potato bitches, cart your ass into our forums and give me some advice on picks.

Past bets:

  • Big D D

    keep your money your whore-monger! just give me the five hundie I earned… sweet video can’t wait to see you puke Ryan– cuz you know your going to lose again!

  • Dum Dum

    Why don’t you just copy MMA Girl’s picks? We all know how your picks compare to hers.

  • Gong

    Aahahaha. Brilliant.
    Who’s gonna have to do it though? Either Ryan or Ben1? Or is Jake and Ben F. in this too?

  • fightlinker

    Well, since Jake couldn’t predict his way out of a wet paper sack, I’ll be making the picks and taking the hits. As for Cage Potato, I think it’s Goldy who’s taking the hit, although I’d be happy to see Folko do it too

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    *shakes head*

  • ninjitsu

    Just don’t overdose — it’s bad for your heart.

  • Jemaleddin

    Seriously: you should let us vote on your pics. Cause we TOTALLY would not sabotage you. Really. You could trust us. We like you. We’d never enjoy seeing you humiliated. Right Jackals?

  • Dangerfield

    I dont want you to have to do that. I really dont want to see anyone ingest that stuff.

  • fightlinker

    When I win, I plan on buying a box of Fruity Pebbles just as a victory meal.

  • MadMan

    “Peter, hold my ears” LMFAO!

    If by chance you do lose Ryan…DON’T PANIC!!

  • micjasbro

    “although it’s really not as funny as the Family Guy video.” Whatever… I was laughing my ass off. it was even better the second time around. “I don’t feel any… HOLY…” just awesome!!!

  • fightlinker

    Madman, that one was fake :-( Ipecac is freaking brutal, but not to worry since WE WON’T LOSE!

  • Donk

    What happens with a draw, i say then your both losers and both have to do it. I wanna see plenty of puke!

  • Jeremy (not that Jeremy)

    Dude, every time you do one of these things you lose.

    You’d think you’d have learned by now.

  • MarleyMarl

    Does the loser have to lick it up??

  • andres

    Lyoto is at aka training with cain so if you could imagine cains bigger stronger and way better than tito and from what I heard lyoto is smashing

  • gcw

    i hope lyoto, penn and silva get the wins. especially wanderlei, it’s tough to see a top guy like that lose 4 straight.

  • yoyo

    Hey guys be careful with that :
    “Accidental overdose of Ipecac can result when administered at home”

  • Airipsus

    what a pussy guys must throw up nightly anyway as you are such all that jizz swimming around in your stomachs from 69’ng each other after each episode of the low blow.we know thats why you call it the low blow you guys blow each other after each episode.

  • JackalAss

    wow…so witty airipsus…..I dont think anybody would have gotten your sly bit of inuendo without your clrising ti at the end. Dumbfuck.

    That video is gold. The loser should have to eat a whole plate of chef’s special chow mein right before downing the ipecac……loser can’t get off easy with just liquid vomit.

    I want chunks!!!!!!!!