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The Fightlinker Hammer Contest!

Okay boys and girls, do we got a contest for ya! Tapout and D&E Entertainment are giving out prize packs from the Matt Hamill biopic film The Hammer, and we’ve got three you jackals could win should you decide to participate in our challenge.

As you probably already know, Matt Hamill is the first and only deaf fighter in UFC history and his story is pretty damn inspirational. So we thought what better way to pay tribute to him than to invent some new sign language that will allow the deaf community to discuss MMA more easily. Rather than having to sign out ‘Matt Hamill vs Mark Munoz’, why not use this new sign instead?

Or for the Matt Hamill vs Michael Bisping fight:

Our challenge to you: send us pictures or video of your new sign language creations that depict fights from MMA history. They don’t have to involve Matt Hamill but I won’t lie to ya, it’ll probably help you win swag. What kinda swag? Checkit:

Yep, it doesn’t get much fang skull fire screamy than this Tapout shirt, which is guaranteed to make your neighbors think you’re a Satanist or something. As well, you get some badass Hammer posters. Next time you’re feeling down about how things are going in life, you can look at them and know someone who had it much harder than you still did way better.

So send in your hand gesture pics and videos to or post them in the comments section below! We’ll be posting them up over the course of the week with the winners being announced on Friday afternoon!

  • iamphoenix

    at which point do i pour beer on my head?

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    big john is on for FOX

  • Bojo

    I was thinking of some ideas until I scrolled down and saw the swag. Good luck with the entries! Probably should have went without the pic.

  • Bojo

    Oh… and Ryan change your shirt you stinky bastard!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    So by “winning” I have to promote TapouT?  That’s not even worth typing this comm

  • KeyboardWarrior

    lol @ feeniks

  • CAP

    Haha the track record for paying out on contests is like trying to get paid by FEG. It would be great if the prize shows up but I wouldn’t count on it! I might be able to clean the wheels on my car with that shirt though.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Word, I remember Ryan messaging me for my mailing address months ago for that shirt bet Frick lost.

  • frickshun

    ^^I didn’t lose. It’s that Ryan’s parents lost when he was their botched abortion who thought your ideas were valid & mine weren’t DA BEST.

  • greenseed

    horrible prize is whorable

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    It’s fucked because I totally wanna be all kinds of happy for this new conglomerate Fightlinker 3.0, but it seems like this will turn out to be Fightlinker III – The Takeover.

    While I hope RM gives Ryan some editorial input so we can avoid this kind of worthless shit, I’m just happy he’s not eating Ramen anymore.  Its was worth losing FL for that.

  • P W

    Skull – check

    Flames – check

    Germanic symbol that kinda looks nazi but isn’t nazi and therefor cool and dangerous but totally safe and non-threatening – check

    Top hat – che… wait… WTF?! I expect Ryan and Jake to coat the shirt with their own special “enzyme” to compensate for the lack of a top hat on that skull!

  • frickshun

    Wowzers, this contest REALLY TOOK OFF!!

  • fightlinker

    yeah seriously huh

  • Letibleu

    My entry that describes Matt Hamill fights:


    My reaction to people that try to make me watch Matt Hamill fights:


    My ambition to win this contest:

  • iamphoenix

    even this deaf girl hates this contest.

  • Letibleu

    Hammer Contest Barbie



    American Barbie



    You Married Her Barbie



    Foosball Barbie



    Hanna Barbie



    Exotic Dancer Barbie



    Sorority Slut Barbie



    Lindsey Lohan Barbie




    Muslim Barbie



    Dog Breeder Barbie



    Dyke Barbie



    Butters Barbie

  • iamphoenix
  • iamphoenix
  • Letibleu
  • G Funk

    Damn you Leti for deepening the mood!

    And that Tuby can move! This deserves fav vids promotion.