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The fireproof Dan Hardy gives his take on how to keep your job in the UFC


Whenever the UFC fires someone, Dan Hardy is usually one of the first people to find out. Why? Because within 10 minutes of the news breaking, someone will without fail tweet “Why @UFC fire @jonfitch when shitjockeys like @danhardy keep job??? Abortion! die in a fire @danhardy!” God bless you, Internet 2.0. You connect people in magical ways.

So I think we can all agree that Dan has some unique insight in the discussion on the UFC’s ongoing purge of over 100 fighters. Here he is talking to Pro MMA Now on the subject:

“I know the UFC are getting rid of a bunch of guys, and I know that they are disappointed with the way that people are stepping into the Octagon. Maybe it’s just a shake-up, maybe they are just trying to show people that we are in the entertainment industry as well as a professional sport. When people pay a lot of money for a ticket they want to see a performance, and some people are coming to get a pay check and it’s kinda disappointing.”

This kind of talk echos similar comments from Dana White regarding his desire to see fighters ‘putting it on the line’ and Strikeforce fighters being ‘hungry’ and forcing UFC guys to take their game to another level. Whether you agree with that point of view or not is irrelevant – until you find a wish granting genie, it’s Dana White making the choices and not you. And currently, Dana White has taken a little bit of a ‘Just Bleed’ approach to fight appreciation.

  • Blackula Jonez

    This is an odd argument to have, where do you balance a fighters performance in regards to being entertaining or being effective in winning fights.

    At the end of the day there is only one major mma org that is paying big bucks. If there is only one place to get paid the most to do something then you need to do what you can to stay employed.

    If nobody else is going to pay you well to do your job then you have to decide if you want to do what your bosses want or find a new profession.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Backula – This is true, since it’s a niche sport the options are limited.

    Fitch is very good at not losing and maintaining dominant position, but neither of those are going to earn his employer money.

  • Blackula Jonez

    If there is a market for rasslers then by all means go to where the money is at.

    But when the ufc and olympics are starting to turn their back on you…maybe its time to find a more lucrative athletic career. By all means wrestle if you love it but if you want to turn that skill into a commodity you better strike while the iron is hot.

    How many world class wrestlers have come and gone barely making any money being an elite practitioner of their art/skillset?

  • fightfan

    Hardy wasn’t all to exciting decisioning Amir last fight out. I see Matt brown eating Hardy’s punches and giving it right back. I bet Hardy tries to use wrestling to smother him & try to get a decision. All his BS about exciting fighting is crap. He will NOT “fight” Brown. Matt has been looking really good lately winning 4 in a row and 5 of his last 6.

    I see Hardy losing this one & hopefully getting the pink slip he should of got after his 4 fight losing skid.