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The first Affliction shirt I like

I don’t really get the whole ‘Reggie Warren’ thing … okay, I do ‘get’ it, but I just don’t find it very funny. However, I do enjoy this very nice approximation of an Affliction shirt … Reggie is so popular he’s got his own special edition!

Hat Rip: Matt @ The Underground Forums

  • Wu Tang

    Dude, he has an alien head!

  • Jake

    I like his Confederate Flag, not to mention his “I hate colored people” look on his face.

  • Wu Tang

    dude, he has an alien head!!

  • Matt
  • fightlinker

    I saved the pic and put it in my files for later. Didn’t realize I totally ripped your punchline. Sorry dude!

  • Matt

    It’s cool. I thought it was funny too. It crashed and burned on the UG anyway. Thanks for bringing it back to life.