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The Gina Carano sweepstakes

Sarah D’Alelio, Gina Carano’s next victim opponent, gives us an inside look into how Gina’s comeback fight was put together:

“I was in the gym in just a small hole in the wall gym down in San Jose and i got a call from sam wilson and she said they’re looking for an opponent gonna throw your name in there just to add another name to the list. And I was like okay, go ahead, do it. And then next week I get a call and there was Sam was super excited. She was like Hey guess what, Strikeforce wants you to fight Gina – or her camp picked you and Strikeforce wants to offer you a contract. I was like okay! Let’s do it!”

This is one of those times where the actual audio clip sounds a lot worse than the quote written out. Sarah actually corrects herself from saying Strikeforce picked her and says instead that Gina’s camp picked her. Sounds pretty sweet getting to handpick your opponent. With all the other changes to Strikeforce going on, it’s almost comforting to know that some things are still the same.

(via WMMA Roundup)

  • FiveBoltMain

    Does anyone know if she’s any good? It would be HIlarious if Gina got KTFO. That would be Karma pimp slapping her for picking her opponent.

  • Symbul

    Gina will be coming in with a serious amount of ring rust. Wouldn’t be terribly surprising if she found a way to lose. I mean, the handpicked-to-lose-against-Lashley Chad Griggs is now 2-0 in Strikeforce.