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The Guida / Huerta bet : A History

As you all may or may not know, we issued a challenge to Kid Nate from BloodyElbow regarding a comment he made about Huerta winning against Guida at the TUF finale next week. In light of some sudden wimping out, I thought I would take a moment to lay out the history of this bet.

First, Fightlinker and BloodyElbow have a history of bets … Luke Thomas has won one and backed off another. At this point he suspects that I’m insane and basically won’t respond to any of my harassment, so I decided to move down the foodchain to his partner in crime Kid Nate.

On October 10th, Nate stated on his blog that he thought Huerta was going to win against Clay Guida because he had the attitude to take the match:

Naturally, I smell blood and move in for the kill:

Okay, Nate says no way, defers to my gargantuan manhood, and we all move on knowing who the Alpha Blogger is in this relationship. I’m not a vindictive guy … we only play games with people who want to play along. So things would have died right there if not for this exchange in the comments section of

Okay, so the bet is back on! The challenge was issued a few days after UFC78, and agreed upon by Nate:

But lo and behold, Nate was trying to bamboozle us. Once news of the bet spread, BetUS radio wanted to interview us about it, and in that interview Nate admited that he wasn’t going to remove his eyebrows in real life, but only by using photoshop.

Words cannot describe the feelings I felt then … my heart quaked, my eyes teared up. This showdown of epic proportions was quickly turning into a lame duck. Desperate to save the bet, I offered Nate a switch: if he didn’t think Huerta was going to win, I would bet on Huerta instead. That way he got his real pick in, and he’d have no excuses when his pick lost. But alas, no dice.

Now we have a BetUS-brokered deal where the loser has to put up a photoshopped picture of themselves made by the winner on their site. Yeah, I know. It’s just not as fun when things aren’t being cut off. But I’ll take what I can get and we’ll be more stringent with our bets in the future to avoid more situations like this.

Oh, and a lot has been made about the idea of the Fightlinker boys recreating 2 guys 1 cup. Because I truly feel the people who lost out on this Guida/Huerta bet experience are you, our loyal readers, Jake and I have decided to recreate the video this weekend for no reason other than we rule. We hope that posting it up will prove to you how amazingly huge and steely our balls are, and remove the sting of not getting to see Nate’s eyebrow shaved.

  • Michaelthebox

    Wow, Kid Nate IS a pussy!

  • Audacity

    You should be fighting Kid Nate instead of Sam Caplan.

  • RoB

    LOL… is this the first docmented 2 GUYS 1 cup. haha lol. all other bloggers must tremble before you

  • Accomando

    If kid nate wouldn’t even take a bet to remove his eyebrows, there is no way that puss is going to fight the linker for reals.

  • groda

    What a travesty!!!

    I’m shocked and appalled, amazed and infuriated, flabbergasted and enraged.

    I demand satisfaction, only blood will serve to repay this insult.

    Sound the call and we will rally to your side, and together we will surely vanquish this craven foe. Then, we will take on the world, Manowar!!!

    It’s Tito ducking Chuck all over again.

  • Lifer

    ‘i was going to remove them via photoshop’ just immortalized this loser as being both a gigantic pussy and an internet fag. i’m glad we actually have this shit recorded or i wouldn’t have believed such double douche-baggery was even possible. disgusting.

  • RoB

    a fat guy named KID NATE, that should of been your first clue, and the scarf your second

  • RoB

    he probably didnt ask his mom for permission first

  • Kid Nate

    Thank you thank you!
    Love you all.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain)

    Kid Nate, just stop posting on the internet all together.

  • Kid Nate

    My wife may make me do just that after this fiasco.

  • Asa

    Is Luke gonna fire this bitch? I mean, I believe -being that Luke’s a Marine- he really shouldn’t have people who need a subway sign to hold their excess invertebrate masses aloft associated with his blog. A blog based on the manliest sport on Earth?

  • Kid Nate

    Hey Asa,
    The day Luke gives a shit what you mouthbreathing retards think is the day I shoot him.

  • Kris

    Please no…

  • Damon D

    During the whole interview I was seriously thinking that if Kid Nate would have agreed to shave his eyebrows, linker would have done absolutely anything, he’s nuts. It would have been worth it to take the risk to make the guy wrestle naked midget cowboys or somethin.

  • marshal

    Maybe if someone photos shops his picture it will change the natural time line and force a Clay win.

  • John

    I was the one to say do two guys one cup

  • MoreThanUFC

    FUCKING LIAR! Umm, I’m the one who posted that first on BL dickhead. And Linker ducked it in his typical quitter fashion, kinda like his Canadian brethren, the French do whenever the Germans come knocking. All talk til the tanks start lining up.

  • RoB

    holy cow, did he just say FL was the one that ducked. did i miss something

  • RoB

    has anyone checked out his response on bloody elbow, pretty interesting.

  • Asa

    Hey Nate,
    the day Luke gives a shit what his readers think, is the day you shoot him?

    Luke, that sounds like a stalker to me. But what would I know, I’m just a mouthbreathing retard I’m not smart enough to give my word and then back out like a biotch. And we all saw the photo of Nate in the subway; There is no job in this city that would require your fugly grill to have eyebrows.


  • John

    Re: Fightlinker Wants My Eyebrows
    make ryan and jake do 2 guys 1 cup

    by Yasnian on Tue Nov 27, 2007 at 12:23:07 PM EDT
    [ Reply to This ]

  • Xavier

    Shows how confident he is in his MMA knowledge and predicting skills. He’s not just a pussy, he also knows jack about MMA and has no confidence. That’s worse.

  • dulljake

    just so everyone understands, we ARE DOING THE TWO GUYS ONE CUP video and posting it on monday. It doesn’t matter if the bet is off. We’ll show everyone who has the fucking brass balls in this business.

  • Accomando

    1 of the 5 people who actually read BE strikes back….

    “…Can we please just ignore this FightLinker tool bag. If you want to bet someone, I will bet you. I have just as meny qualifications as FightLinker, none…”

  • intenso

    see that’s why I read this blog and NO OTHERS.


  • Amy Robinson

    Here’s a serious question for a FL, if Huerta does somehow bet Guida in a decent fashion does that make him one of the tops in the LW division? Or does that at least validate him as a high caliber fighter? I’m interested in your opinion on this.

    Just for the record I actually am picking Clay, too.

  • operator

    Don’t take the bet if you don’t have the balls to back it up. I think this whole fiasco just sums up Nate’s character to take a bet then hype it up and the whole time you were planning on pussin out and lying to the readers like you were really gonna do it. What if Nate would have won and linker would have agreed to do so some freaky shit. I bet he would have let him do it.

  • Swedish guy

    Bring kid nate into the beebe-hughes-sherk triangular cock-choke, i say. quadrangular suckfest.

  • marshal

    Will this be your last bet attempt with that pussy?

  • fightlinker

    Yeah, we’re gonna have to be a bit more careful about how we set up bets and put them through from now on to avoid situations like this one. The eyebrows for grape photos bet was epic, and would have been massively promoted over this week. Sucks that it can’t happen now, but we’re gonna make the best of the situation as it stands.

    As for if Huerta wins … yeah, if Huerta handles Guida it definitely establishes him as a top contender in the lightweight division. I see Huerta/Guida like a Sanchez/Parisyan bout … when Sanchez beat Parisyan it ‘made’ him as a fighter and put him in the top ranks. A win over guida would do the same for Huerta.

  • kentyman

    I love that Swedish guy won’t give up on his polygonal fellatious submission jokes. :)