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The Happy Hour Episode 58: Strikeforce! And upcoming fights

In this episode of the Happy Hour we go over why we don’t talk about K-1 or clothing companies, and then dive into this weekend’s Strikeforce card with a bit more gusto than we did on the Low Blow. Fights actually get talked about, Strikeforce matchmaking gets a little more respectable, and we ponder whether Nick Diaz will take things to the ground if shit gets hairy. Then we break down a number of upcoming fights and our thoughts on them. 50 minutes of happiness for your portable audio players.


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  • CRM_Stephen

    Awesome. Any hope The Low Blow will be fixed on iTunes?

  • Jim

    Groovy, works with goggle listen too.

  • fightlinker

    Yep, that one’s a bit trickier because we have to sort it out in some way so that iTunes doesn’t nuke our old thread, but i’m working on it so it’ll be fixed for the next Low Blow

  • subo

    Jake I’ll declare a jihad on you

  • subo

    Looking forward to the live ustream