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The Happy Hour Episode 63: WEC 52 wrapup

The long-awaited WEC recap show is finally completed, and we talk all about the familiar faces we saw at last night’s event. Bad impressions of Joe Martinez are attempted, and referee Kate Winslow’s sexy vag gets a few minutes of attention. Then it’s on to the event and how Chad Mendes lived up to his rep, and how Team Alpha Male is on the cusp of becoming a super-camp. Who’s getting cut after this show also gets examined along with the roster logistics of the merge, and at the end we wrap the show up with a little look at the last WEC show in December.


  • glassjawsh

    “and how Team Alpha Male is on the cusp of becoming a super-camp” cue up, yeah rights perma boner

  • leticiasweb

    The host of the VS show is Molly Qerim from ESPN’s MMA Live .

  • greenseed

    i think u mean Reed harris… not todd

  • greenseed

    or was he the other announcer?

  • Tanhauser

    good show.

  • mamoru

    Yeah greenseed, todd is the other announcer guy. He’s probably fucked.
    Can’t imagine they won’t have work for Reed.

  • P W

    Good show, but common, Rogan also oversells submission attempts, especially chokes. “It’s locked it! It’s tight! He’s about to tap!” when the guy actually has his arm across the chin of his opponent and not the neck.

  • agentsmith

    One of the best cards I’ve seen in awhile. Sweet fights!

  • glassjawsh

    kees0000! you crafty son of a bitch!

  • iamphoenix