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The Happy Hour Episode 65: Busy Weekend!

With the TUF Finale and Strikeforce going head to head, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. We start this show off with a quick recap of the World MMA Awards and the best / worst moments from the event. Then it’s onto the last two episodes of TUF featuring Team Koscheck’s slide into Lord of the Flies territory with the group turning on Nam ‘Piggy’ Phan and accusing him of stroking the salami (because I’m sure no one else was jerking off in the TUF house).

The main card of the Finale gets looked over, we wonder why Bonnar vs Some Guy got headline preference over Maia vs Grove, and finally we drool a little over the Phan / Garcia fight. Strikeforce also gets about 15 minutes in at the end there but don’t be fooled – that’s gonna be a pretty sweet card too. The show’s 45 mins, and I hope you all get to enjoy it before the events happen this weekend!


  • Rodriguez

    If you can’t jerk off in under seven minutes then you deserve to be caught. Rookie.

  • UberShmact


  • DJ ThunderElbows

    @Rod – maybe he was doing it tantric-style as part of his “Zen” training?

    @FL d00ds – Why not UStream?

  • Savageless

    The dirtbag card… you forgot that one guy who got his ear bitten off my Matt Lindland

  • agentsmith

    The whole “jerking in the shower” thing reminded me of high school, where everyone is still embarrassed about masturbation and no one will admit to doing it. Maybe it’s because I’m older now, but I wouldn’t have denied it at all. Dude, I’ve been away from my woman for 6 weeks, fuck yeah I’ve been jerking off. Like you haven’t? In fact these are the hands I use!