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The Happy Hour Episode 76: Mexican Standoff

Hey, did you know we released another radio show yesterday? On this week’s Happy Hour we talk about Zuffa’s purge of Strikeforce, the rumored Montreal card and the even more rumorish GSP / Diaz fight that might headline it, and Hermes Franca’s nine – count em, nine – alleged feats of sexual illegality with a minor. On a slightly less horrific note, Chael Sonnen gets the smack laid down upon him by the CSAC, and we talk about what that means, what the UFC will do for TUF now, and how totally fucked Sonnen is now.

The Happy Hour is the extra show we do for star members, aka those hardcore jackals that support us and keep the power / internet running at FL HQ for another week. Membership is $20, and you can get insta-access to the show by buying one right here.

  • Abraham

    The way I see it, one of two things will hepapn. Either he’ll lose quickly and it’ll be a moot point, or he’ll kick some ass and it’ll be a moot point. He’ll either legitimize himself with his skills, or he’ll become an after thought. I think it is good for him though that this came out so soon. I once threw garbage into the back of a truck for a living it wasn’t glamourous, but I got paid what’s the difference?

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