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The Heavyweight Tournament poster

Man, it’s like an abusive relationship. No matter how bad Fedor treats Strikeforce, they keep crawling back and treating him like he’s the savior of the company. If they were smart, they would have banked on two of their other fighters. Which ones? The ones with even bigger tits than him: Gina Carano and Alistair Overeem.

  • Symbul

    Co-promotion, baby!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Let’s put the fat guy who does little media work on the sporting event ad!!!

  • thingvolds


    on feb 12th while you nerds are hunched over your computers in your flophouses in bumfuck canada, ill be in the VIP of the izod center drinking cristal while a swedish model escort is blowing peruvian flake up my ass thru a straw, and watching fedor prove once again why he is the GOAT.

  • FiveBoltMain

    ^ STFU!!

  • agentsmith

    ill be in the VIP of the izod center drinking cristal while a swedish model escort is blowing peruvian flake up my ass thru a straw, and watching fedor prove once again why he is the GOAT.

    Translation: I’ll be in the corner booth at the nearest dive bar, giving blowjobs to toothless truckers in exchange for PBR’s.

  • fightlinker

    I already saw Fedor fucking up Brett Rogers in Chicago when we went to see Roxy fight. It was pretty cool. I can scratch another great off my list as having been seen.

    And I saw him while the magic was still alive ;-)

  • thingvolds

    smith ive been to big events all over the world. for instance, i was in ricksons entourage in japan for colosseum, first class everything and treated like royalty. i havent been to an event in years, but this is fedor fighting near my home, so i figured id throw down a few grand and enjoy it. its nothing to me, i still have 6 grand left over from coming up big on serra st pierre 1.

  • G Funk

    Thats Chump change you loser!

  • aaronb

    thingvolds=Renzo Gracie?

  • thingvolds

    i was training at renzos at that time, yes

  • glassjawsh

    ^ you are so full of shit that it must be coming out your mouth by now, that or you are such an insecure friendless pussy that you have to be “cool” and name drop to the faceless avatars on a random mma blog in order to feel good about yourself. get a life homie

  • thingvolds

    glass you seem upset?

    im just telling you how it is. thats how i get down. if any of you make it to the show, youre welcome to come up to my vip suite and kick it.

  • Symbul

    Dial it down, thingvolds.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    He’s only claiming that a member of Rickson’s entourage hangs around on message boards and goes to the ghetto to commit violent hate crimes. What’s the big deal?

  • frickshun

    I have absolutely no problem w/ThingFoldsFive telling us about spending some dough. You guys gotta get the fuck over yourselves being broke. I make good money. I’m just too much of a bitch to spend it on frivolities. I let my wife spend it all on clothes for her & my kids.

    PS: I’ve attended 2 UFC events & got whatever seats I wanted FOR FREE through my company. Floor seats suxxors so we picked the 100’s for the 2nd event. Honestly, I have more fun watching it on TV for better viewing angles & cheap booze.

  • iamphoenix

    i saw fedor KO arlovski in california!!! yeah, bought tickets and everything! totally drove myself there and stuff. they treated me like i bought a ticket at the event and let me in! It was so great! and booing tito was the greatest part of the night, and we left like royalty!!!

  • subo

    I can’t wait until Fedor loses to Bigfoot.

  • glassjawsh

    ^ yes, but id much rather see him lose to Overeem and so would you

  • agentsmith

    @ subo: Do you really believe that will happen? I’m no Fedor nuthugger, but come on, it’s Bigfoot. If Mike Kyle can drop him, Fedor will knock his head off.

  • FiveBoltMain

    Subo, stop being delusional and ruining our dream bout!!

  • Reverend Clint

    id like to be there when fedor and overeem lose to kharitonov