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The Idiot’s Guide to ‘The Idiot’s Guide to Ultimate Fighting’

What a wasteland for relevant news this week has been. Today is no different, with the top story on the internet being the release of a new book on the UFC: The Idiot’s Guide to Mixed Martial Arts.

Yes, I am serious and yes, this book is real. It’s written by Rich Franklin and Jon Merz, so I really hope Jon has some knowledge of the Muay Thai clinch because I think Rich’s take on it would go something like this:

“The Muay Thai clinch is a bad bad bad painful hurtful place which I no like a lot. Expensially avoid it when you fight against Anderson Silva since he will be very good in it and break your nose very very bad. I pray to Jesus i do not get in this again I really really hope he will answer my prayer. So stay out of the muay thai clinch! In Jesus name, Amen.”

Unfortunately a closer look at Jon’s credentials has me shaking my head:

Jon F. Merz is the author of six novels and a martial artist and ninjutsu practitioner. He holds a fifth degree master instructor license from the 34th grandmaster of Togakure-ryu Ninjutsu in Japan. Jon is also the author of The Ninja Handbook.

Ninjitsu? Nin-fucking-jitsu? If Mr Ninjitsu had done any research on the subject, he’d know what happened to the last ninjitsu guy to step into the octagon. One of the reasons I like mixed martial arts so much is it has exposed fraud martial arts like this one. Now they’ve got the guy who wrote “The Ninja Handbook” writing the book on mixed martial arts? For shame.

  • steve24

    I was actually thinking last night what a slow week or two it’s been in MMA news. Nothing to exciting going on.

    Anybody going to buy this book?

  • Stu

    If that is the actual title and cover UFC is going to sue them, sue them bad.

  • fightlinker

    It’s probably so basic i’d bust my brain trying to get through it. And the reason the UFC news is so scarce is Dana White went on vacation for a few weeks … that’s why there’s no events till the end of August!

    Stu: it’s endorsed by the UFC i’m sure!

  • Anne-Laure

    You know, this might be the only guy that knows how to write sentences that make a little sense. Ninjitsu might leave more braincells that other sports, since they don’t do much… IS there a litterate MMA fighter in the house?

  • John

    I’m pretty sure Fedor wrote War and Peace so theres one atleast

  • fightlinker

    I thought Fedor wrote the bible!

    FEDOR = GOD!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrRudy

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