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The IFL is delivering 46 minutes of live MMA action

This should be entertaining: The IFL is going to try and do a live show on MyNetworkTV. On the surface this sounds like great news: we get to see the IFL Grand Prix live on network television. But don’t get too excited because you don’t really get to see the event. You get to see maybe three fights. Because even though the show will be live, it will still only be one hour long.

I’ve always been impressed by the IFL’s ability to fuck up even the best of ideas. Good idea: Showing an event live. Bad idea: Showing 1 hour of an event live. It will also be interesting to see how ‘together’ the IFL is technically. Can they pull this whole thing off without it turning into a gong show? Trying to crunch three live fights into one hour when the UFC has a hard time with 5 over two hours should be interesting to say the least.

I’ll probably tune in just to see if it beats K1 Dynamite USA for poor execution.

  • steve24

    I really tried to sit down and watch IFL and just couldn’t do it. I know a lot of MMA fans and not one of them follows IFL.

  • Tommy

    At least they probably won’t be holding any prayer meetings during the telecast. Someone should have told Matt the Bible says to pray in your prayer closet where no one can see you, not on national tv for the world to see. What a faker.

  • Lifer

    I have a few IFL fighters I like watching. Overall the matches aren’t too great.

    On a side-note about technical difficulties.. during the beginning of UFN11 where Rogan and Goldberg were muted was probably the best UFC broadcast I’ve ever watched yet. Everything Rogan says I’m already aware of and Goldberg has just become a caricature of himself. I think.. UFC75 he did away with meteoric rise and picked up the word “VIOLENT!” which he proclaimed with gusto on multiple occasions.

    My new favorite quote of his to hate is when he says ‘It’s like we’ve said before Joe…’ because I honestly have heard all of his catch phrases more times than I can count. I challenge him directly to actually say something new. I don’t think he is capable.

  • hbdale309

    I can see them crunching 3 fights into one hour, but 3 fights in 46 minutes? Good luck with that.

  • Thomas

    This is the reason why the IFL sucks donkey balls. Only 3 fights. Whats the fucking reason in watching then. Theres so much MMA out there that us fans don’t have to watch everything thats given.
    Lets all give the an E for Effort.