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The Incredible Expanding Strikeforce HWGP Semi-Finals post

FightMetric has their report up on the uber-close Jacare vs Rockhold fight. What I see: Rockhold swinging for the fences throughout the entire fight and missing.

Pat Healy walks us through getting illegally kicked in the face by Maximo Blanco:

Right after they landed, I kind of rolled over and felt woozy. I thought I was done right then. But it came back to me pretty quick, and I was able to regain composure. The thought was right there in my head that I could bow out and win, but I’d never be able to live with myself and lay my head on my pillow at night. Once I felt all right, I knew I could come back. That’s his thing. I’ve seen him fight a couple of times in Japan, and he’s got DQd over there. I don’t want to say he’s cheap, but he’s had a few instances like that.

Josh Barnett bugs Scott Coker to make the HWGP finals a fight for the Strikeforce heavyweight belt:

“All right, Scott,” he said. “I love you, but you’re my man. Why don’t we sweeten the pot? Why don’t we put that title on the line between me and Cormier? Either one of us is a grand champion. Either one of us is the kind of guy who will hold it proud, hold our pants up with it, and people will look at us and say, ‘Those guys are champs. That’s the kind of people we want representing our company; that’s the kind of guy I want to look up to and say, ‘Hey, you want to see a fighter? You want to see a real bad ass? He’s right there. You see the gold around his waist? That’s not a joke; that’s a reality. The people he had to step over to get it? He earned it.’

“I think (with) that tournament belt, (they did) a beautiful job. That’s an amazing belt, but Strikeforce needs a real champ. They need a champ like me and Cormier. One of the two of us has to be it. Because besides us, who is it?”

It turns out that was the spiel Josh was gonna give during an in-cage promo that was defeated due to Mauro Ranallo’s iron mic grip.


A highlight video of all the action for those of you who missed it!

Jordan Mein turns out to be a Great Canadian Hoser. Oh yeah, ay. What’s how he’s talkin all aboot?

Daniel Cormier shows that it ain’t the size it’s how you use it against Bigfoot Silva. (via CrooklynMMA’s twitter)

Ben Fowlkes snaps a shot of the Rockhold / Souza scoresheet. Bruce Snell was the dope who gave all five rounds to Rockhold. And I dunno if this is my Jacare-preference shining through, but I thought most of what Luke had going on was getting blocked.

(via Maggie Hendricks’ twitter)

MMA Fighting has pics up from the event! Pat Healy giving Maximo Blanco the WTF look after getting kicked in the face several times on the ground. Fortunately, Maximo got what was comin’ to him afterwards.

One more pic for you: the SFHWGP finalists, Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier. Whether they’ll actually fight eachother is dependant on how badly that wrapped hand of Cormier’s is. If he broke his hand on Bigfoot Silva’s giant head … well, wouldn’t that just be a giant turd of a finish to this whole tournament?

Gifs are up at Iron Forges Iron. Here’s Jordan Mein ramming his elbows into Cyborg’s head repeatedly. Nicely done, sir.

(via Roughshod on the UG)

  • JapanMMA

    Unfortunately, its not the first time Maximo has trouble with the rules… He is an exciting fighter, but after what he did Healy deserved the win.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Blanco is pretty exciting and violent but the kid is woefully reckless and prone to breaking rules.


    Both Blanco and Romero would benefit from getting into a real gym/camp, just relying on stellar wrestling credentials and explosive athletic ability can only take you so far. Both guys had zero gameplan past rush and throw haymakers.


    Poor Bigfoot, is must be so hard to work head movement with such a huge noggin. Wonder what will happen if DC busted his hand on Silva cinder block of a head.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Blanco would also be smart to drop to 145, when was the last time Healy dwarfed his opponent.


    I am still not going to write Blanco off at this point, Healy is a seasoned vet with sub wins over guys like Condit, Daley and Dan Hardy ffs. As a former welterweight he is making a solid run at 155 and would probably win more fights than he would lose in the UFC.

  • Reverend Clint

    tito would blame bigfoots loss on the fact he is a genetic defective.

  • iamphoenix

    …so who the fuck is maximo?

    i didn’t watch this. was too busy getting my dick rubbed raw in seattle last night.

  • theinsaneoneJustinMcCully

    I’m so hardcore I only watch youtube fight videos with under 100 hits
    aka: BAMMA and Bellator

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Rev: tito would blame bigfoots loss on the fact he is a genetic defective.

    I have to agree with that.  Bigfoot did lose because Tito’s a genetic defective.

    Cormier and Mo both turned their opponents into six-foot erections, Mauro kept Juicebag off the mike, and Rockhold impressed by pushing Jacare to empty the tank.  Good night of fights.

  • lukustra

    just saw my first FOX UFC commercial while watching the eagles game. I wasn’t thinking about it so it caught me off guard.

  • frickshun

    InsaneOne IS hardcore!!

  • Blackula Jonez

    I bow down to the insane1’s hardcoreness.

  • Redping

    that last sergie picture made me LOL right into my own breakfast.

    It was almost unbelievably how Bigfoot went down to the same punch that Mike Kyle got him with, that Fedori s KNOWN for. I Guess the fear of fedor made him go for takedowns right away which is why he never got clipped in that fight. Still, pretty embarrassing to have a guy get almost KTFO by mike kyle who then made a mistake (getting in the guard and not standing back up like anyone with a brain like cormier). And then he beats Fedor fairly easily, and then the next fight gets knocked out by a dude who wasn’t in the GP in the first place who should really probably be a light heavyweight.

    I bet Fedor doesn’t watch Strikeforce to know about these things though. So much for Strikeforce having a better HW division than the ufc – looks like all they have is barnett!

  • iamphoenix

    i’m sorryNOT(borat voive)


  • agentsmith

    @ Redping: Yeah it’s pretty funny that Bigfoot got dropped by a middling blown-up LHW and KO’d by another, but the GREATEST BLOWN-UP LHW OF ALL TIME™ didn’t even come close.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Bigfoot got hurt early and was never allowed to recover against DC, Silva traded with Fedor but put him against the cage as soon as he was in danger in the stand up in the first round.


    Fedor has declined athletically and was unable to free himself against the cage and was eventually taken down and wailed on.


    When Kyle bombed on Bigfoot, Silva was allowed to recover by getting takedowns.


    Silva had no hope of taking DC down and after he got hurt he had no other way to turn the tide in his favor.


    Maybe there is some truth to this whole wrestling/being able to dictate where the fight takes place thing after all.

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Maybe there is some truth to this whole wrestling/being able to dictate where the fight takes place thing after all.

    Naw, Cormier is clearly just a blown up light-heavy and Silva is overrated.

  • agentsmith

    Are you saying Cormier ISN’T a blown-up light heavy?

  • CAP

    Did Kharitonov get a hand job for a consolation prize, what’s going on there?

    Cormier surprised me. I was kinda hoping for a Bigfoot/Barnett final because they don’t like each other much and would have added some sizzle but DC keeps impressing.

  • G Funk

    Fuckin PENIX!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    I’m saying he’s fucking bad-ass wrestler.  Also, he can’t cut down to LHW, so that’s why I don’t see him as a blown-up LH.