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The Incredible Expanding UFC 145 Post!

There’s a lot of cool people doing a lot of cool things with MMA on tumblr. jillsandwich is one of them.

Via CageWriter, Marcus Brimage and Maximo Blanco held an impromptu cage gymnastics performance after their fight. Sometimes these things happen in MMA!

Gordo provides us with the Rothwell Shuffle

..and Schaub going to lala land.

Video: Jon Jones se mantiene el campeón

Fox Desportes has yer UFC 145 highlights, if you’re willing to sit through a 30 second salsa commercial.

The striking sheet from Fightmetric’s Jon Jones vs Rashad Evans report. It confirms that Rashad Evans ate a lot of shots to the face.

There’s more at the Fightlinker Tumblr.

Eddie Yagin lookin slightly horrorshow. Waiting on FOTN confirmation.

According to Karyn Bryant, Brendan Schaub is considering a drop down to 205.

The next generation of bantamweights are here and that’s bad news for old guard like Miguel Torres.

Zombie Prophet as always has the market cornered on giffage. Check it all out at Iron Forges Iron.

Travis Browne earning his 65k SOTN. (pic via That’s Shaq)

Check out MMA Fighting’s gallery right here. Above, Brendan Schaub gets comeback’d again.

Odin bless Iron Forges Iron for things like this.


  • Reverend Clint

    won $170 tonight

  • TheAnusEnthusiast


    I hope that Shad and Jones can be friends now!

  • Fightlinker

  • Reverend Clint

  • TheSphincterPsychiatrist

    Thats too bad aboot Shaub.

    But if he had to go on a skid to someone,
    Rothwell is a nice guy.

  • TheSphincterPsychiatrist

    “The cageside judges gave Jones all but two of a possible 15 rounds.”

    Isn’t going pop awesome!

  • Letibleu

    things i learned from this card:

    - I still am not a fan of most bocek fights.
    - Eddie who? I thought I had memorized the card.
    - Oh Miguel. Thanks for the past.
    - Oh Ben, you so goofy but DAMN!!!!!
    - I still am on the Rory train.
    - I learned that in MMA that elbow jabs are effective when your forearm is as long as your opponents entire arm.
    - Dan Henderson, dead man walking.
    - Dana does not drink coffee.

  • Letibleu

    - According to Dana, Brazil seems to be back on
    - China date is booked
    - Dana had no idea India is in Asia
    - India very very soon
    - Korea is on the radar
    - Jon and Rashad future BFF. After Rashad has a cry

  • AJBuwalda

  • AJBuwalda

    God is a Super Saiyan and is Jones sacrificing Rashad?!

  • Blackula Jonez

    Wtf does that even mean?

  • iamphoenix


    i saw the main event in the morning eating breakfast on afn. pretty dump i wanted a KO from either black.

  • agentsmith

  • frickshun

    ^^Smif–>those last 2 are GUFFAW!!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Holy shit Smith!  Fuck yes.

    I had to work over most of the weekend and right when I finally got some time to watch this, someone spoiled it for me.  Fuck.

  • agentsmith

    A couple tards at the bar were actually saying that fight was stopped a bit too early.  Dude, do you not see him reaching at nothing while looking off to the side?