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The Incredible Expanding UFC 150 Post!!1

“Stop fuckin with mah hat, y’all. I’m trying to watch the dang fights!”

(via Bloody Elbow’s fancy new post-event gif breakdowns.)

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(via Stay Frosty)

As if you needed confirmation that Jarad Hamman’s leg exploded during his fight with Michael Kuiper…

(via /r/mmagifs)

Awards are out and Donald Cerrone is the Joe Lauzon of the night with both Fight of the Night and KO of the Night honors. Sub of the Night went to Dennis Bermudez by default since he had the only submission on the card. Competition was a bit fiercer for KO of the Night. I bet Erik Perez is wondering how fast he’s gotta knock someone out in to get some respect around here. And Michael Kuiper bombed the shit out of Jared Hamman’s head for a round and a half before putting him down in brutal fashion. Let’s hope the locker room checks are flowing freely tonight!

(click for full size. that face.)

Esther Lin’s UFC 150 gallery is up! So is the UFC’s. I’d include a photo from theirs but the stern copyright warning under every image makes my anus pucker in fear.

Fightmetrics are out for those of you still arguing over who really won that fight.

Manager fight! During the post-event press conference, Frankie’s manager punched Bendo’s manager in the face.

The Dana White media scrum.

And the Ariel Helwani interview.

(via MMA Weekly)

  • drunkenjunk

    such a bullshit decision.

  • iamphoenix

    i was busy and only saw highlights of this…it looked like a pretty good event though. max holloway and cerrone knockin dudes out was awesome…

    I just hope there isn’t another rematch for the light weight belt. frankie’s fought penn twice, maynard twice and now henderson twice…there’s so many dudes in this division that he can wait for another shot

  • Symbul

    I thought Edgar deserved the nod but R3 and R4 were close enough that it’s defensible to see it for Henderson, and I can accept a 10-10 there too. I’m just happy the lightweight title can move on now, finally. I want to see Edgar-Aldo too. 145lbs is getting thin as far as finding Aldo anything to do.

    It was a really good event and every fight was good except (predictably) Jake Shields’, who stunk it up real bad.

  • Reverend Clint

    i just hope edgar doesn’t continue his trend of long ass fights over and over again. learn how to finish you tiny guido, yes he ko’d gay but he has 12 decisions in the last 15 fights

  • Letibleu

    i watched the presser live and heard the scuffle and watched everyone look to the side. the camera panned to the right but there was a wall hiding the action. dana white himself ran off and i could hear him break it up. From the sounds of itm things got very physical. A reporter joked that although it was exciting it looked like a draw.

    I thought it was 2 fighters, never thought ben and frankies managers going at it.

  • Letibleu

    wow, nate diaz asked ufc that ariel not be let near him

  • voice of reason

    bendo won, he landed more and harder shots. frankie is just good at looking busy. THIS fight was close, not the first fight.

    yeah coulda gone to frankie, but karma is a bitch.

    This is the universe’s way of saying FU frankie for your stupid ‘point fighting’ and holding up lightweight belt.

  • drunkenjunk

    what are you talkin about? Edgar did more damage, did more to finish. Bendo is such a little faggot acting cocky as fuck playing that stupid my hands on the ground so you can’t knee my face game. Can’t wait till Diaz or Gray kill him.

  • drunkenjunk

    trying to win fights like condit did with his stupid all i do is land leg kicks plan is bullshit.

  • voice of reason

    drunkenjunk you’re fuking drunk

    i did say ‘THIS fight was close…coulda gone to frankie’

    putting hands on mat is standard bro. but running around like mosquitoes and point-fighting trying to win by getting a takedown here and there is stupid. that’s why i said karma is a bitch, judges got bored of that shit so they said ‘fuck u edgar bendo is landing harder shots’

  • voice of reason

    and condit and bendo did 2 VERY different things. they ain’t the same, bendo was hurting with the kicks. condit was points-fighting.

    if you think what bendo did is same as condit you need to learn to watch drunkenfuck

  • drunkenjunk

    ^bendo didn’t do shit after the first round, plain and simple.

  • noiseless

    cowboy is a quick fucker, i’ll give him that

  • Reverend Clint

    neither really did a whole lot after the 2nd but the onus is on the challenger

  • noiseless

    i keep coming back for the whore in the red dress.
    who is she. her crack is mesmerizing, i think i even saw her on the facebook prelim. mama. looks dumb as a fist.

  • glassjawsh


  • Grappo

    Main even was so damn hard to score. Frankie had more volume, but Bendo landed the harder shots. He was on cruise control the last couple rounds, and should have been throwing kicks nonstop, and getting takedowns to work his gnp. Seemed like the victor would be much clearer if Bendo wasn’t so determined to make this fight one-dimensional.

    I had it even going into the 3rd, with the last three rounds draws (giving a lot more draws lately) Either guy winning would’ve been fine. If I had to pick one or the other on the night, prolly woulda leaned toward Bendo. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in Fightmetric. The couple of times I’ve had the patience to tally fights the way they do, I’ve come up with different results. BTW, isn’t Fightmetric also responsible for the UFC’s live stat tallying? –

    Henderson-Diaz is gonna be fire.

  • Reverend Clint

    im with noiseless… should have showed more chick with big juggs less jake shields