The Incredible Expanding UFC on FOX 2 post!

Highlights from the press conference via MMA Fighting. Here’s the most important quotes. Rashad Evans:

“I’m ready to fight in April,” Evans said. “I’m excited to finally get the opportunity to fight Jon and give fans the fight they want to see.”

Michael Bisping:

“I can’t lie; I thought I won rounds one and two,” Bisping said. “I think in this modern day of social networking and stuff, you just have to look at the Internet, and I think the general consensus was I won the fight.”

And of course the politically correct Chael Sonnen:

“If those blowhards (in Brazil) with their blow darts want to come at me, they can send anyone want they want,” he said. “But don’t send anyone you want back.”

Bloody Elbow has a Judo Chop devoted to Charles Oliveira’s calf slicer sub from last night. Mmmm judo chop.

While I think we can all agree the main card fights were a bit of a disaster, it didn’t seem to hurt ratings all that much. According to early numbers from TV by the Numbers, UFC on FOX 2 pulled 3.98 million viewers from 8-9 and 4.77 million from 9-10. That still sees it losing the overall ratings war to reruns of Wipeout, Harry’s Law, and CSI.

But here’s where you see the appeal of the UFC to networks: It blew everyone else out of the water with their 18-49 demographic, aka ‘People who actually buy stuff.’ The UFC on FOX show ranged between a 2.0 and 2.5 share. What does that mean? I have no idea other than all the other shows from that night were struggling to pull even 1.0. So … mission accomplished there!

Heavy has it’s UFC on FOX 2 gallery up!

MMA Sucka has scans of the judges’ scorecards. Clay Goodman is the goof who gave the Sonnen / Bisping fight to Sonnen 30-27. Shame! Shame!

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    its not expanding…I think its broke.

  • Letibleu

    fixed, its expanding slow though, we need to put it in the microwave

  • MadMan

    so because i dont get FUEL…i missed the prelims, which evidently were the best part of UFC on FOX II. AND they had robot mma fighters.

  • MadMan
  • ChubbyChaser

    Sonnen reps thug life. I hope he gets some good bodyguards for the Brazil gig.
    Evans wrestling>Davis wrestling

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  • noiseless

    i forget what to say

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    Am I the only one that thinks Weidman looks just like the protagonist in “Force Unleashed”?



  • Symbul

    Whatever the situation, Mike Bisping used up his dubious decision creds by whining for ages that he shouldn’t have lost to Wanderlei.

  • iamphoenix

    mixed adam is gay

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    ^now i remember

  • fightlinker

    Yeah between the Hamill decision and his bitching over the Wand fight, he gets no love

  • ChubbyChaser

    Kevlar Johnson doing it dirty

  • OlyReigns

    Sonnen not only talks like a pro wrestler, he throws punches like one as well.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    gay like a fox…

  • Letibleu

  • Dominic

    Those are some actually amazing ratings. I wonder how long that will continue but in actuality the UFC will probably see some great ratings numbers for as long as it is on the air.


    The UFC is becoming one of the most popular fights to watch on television as cage fighting is becoming more and more popular as time goes on according to the mobile blog.

  • CAP

    Chael’s act got officially tired Saturday with that post fight interview. Claiming greatness after a gift decision like that. Please put him unconscious Andy.

  • G Funk

    Will Hoseemar become a str8 striker as well?

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