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The Incredible Expanding UFC ON FOX press conference post!

Here’s a pic via Ariel Helwani’s tweeter. Now that we’re on FOX, moar dudes behind sportsdesks going derp a derp! WHOOOOOOO YEAH WE’VE GONE MAINSTREAM MOTHERFUCKER!

Here’s a link to the streaming press conference video.

Programming breakdown thus far:

-4 events a year on FOX
-32 events a year on FX (24 episodes of TUF, 2 TUF Finales, 6 Fight Nights)
-2 seasons of TUF a year on FX
-The Ultimate Fighter will be ‘live on FX’
-Every Friday night there’ll be live fights
-‘Digital assets across all networks’
-Fuel will be the home to pre and post fight shows (and ppv countdowns?)

TUF will now be on Friday night, meaning ‘UFC every Friday night’ = 13 episodes of TUF per season, two seasons a year, and 6 UFC Fight Nights a year. I’m kinda sad we don’t get a Fight Night every week :(

Sounds like the UFC gets to keep it’s precious control over the production of it’s content.

The first event will be on FOX Saturday November 12th in Anaheim.

This is a 7 year deal.

Fuel will remain Fuel, this is a straight up rights buy. Although ‘there was talk’ at the beginning.

The Spike pre-PPV prelims will now be on Fuel

Mainstream reporters are taking a dump on the UFC so far. First two questions were basically ‘How are you going to sell advertising when so many advertisers think the UFC is barbaric?’ and ‘You said this was going to be historic. You lie!!!!’

Dana: ‘Everything is going to change, including the PPVs’

Lorenzo: ‘We’re going to deliver big fights on FOX’

Lorenzo again: ‘We put on great fights. We promote great fights. We’re not in the business of running a network’

Asked about the deal being worth 90 million: ‘We never talk about how much we pay’

Dana just confirmed: THE GLADIATOR IS GOING AWAY! What’s next? The end of Bring the Pain???

Fox executives kinda dodge talking about how much promotion will be done on other properties like NFL broadcasts and FOX flagship programs like American Idol.

Fox suit: There’s an 80% overlap between the UFC and FX’s audience so I’m sure we’ll be able to do a lot of cross-promotion together.

And the press conference is over. Stay tuned for the Incredible Expanding UFC on FOX post to explode once again as the reporters on location talk to all the FOX and Zuffa peeps one on one and start posting that shit up.

  • Letibleu

    im gonna wait 1 year.

  • CAP

    live chat?

  • iamphoenix

    They need an awesome team to sit up there. Like terry bradshaw, howie, jimmy and the jazz band player. Im glad that one woman jazz band player commentater dude works for showtime and cbs so hes out. Bet theyll have jay glazer up there and some other dudes we dont know. They should get a chick to do weather for each event though its not a factor. I hope the gladiator fag disappears because honestly, we know thats not russell crowe. What, do you think im stupid man? Russell crowes not a phone maaannn so ii threw it on the ground!

  • frickshun

    JAZZ BAND PLAYER…..Ha!!!!!!

  • iamphoenix

    Um. Pretty sure some other canadian answered your question in another thread dude. Something about fx being on canada tv nov 1. Maybe it was on fassbook…hmmm

    Shit i was so polite. Damn. I must be losing my edge. Grrr i hate your bananas

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    so how do we watch in Canada? I have to download “Sunny” from FX and I’d prefer to watch the fights live. Will Sportsnet be picking up the schedule?

    Pretty nuts. Live fights every friday? insane. How will they keep up? It’s hard enough to keep the PPV’s in order let alone 36 cards a year plus PPV’s.

    My wife is not going to be happy about this, it’s bad enough having to take every third Saturday off to watch the fights – now I’ll be a shut in EVERY Friday.

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    I don’t read threads, reading is for suckers and my bananas are amazing.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Can’t help but smile whenever I see jazz band player.

  • frickshun
  • CAP

    Who let Lorretta Hunt in there?

  • frickshun

    Rogan looks super fucking awkward in a suit. Please put the horrible Afflicted black button down back on!!

  • pewnt

    Holy shit,. Josh Gross, and Cunty McCunterson (Loretta Hunt) got to ask Dana questions. lol

  • CAP

    That’s a wrap! BONERZZZZ!!!

  • lukustra

    OMFG THIS IS HUGE. Joe in a suit?! the fuckk?? I thought he only had 2 shirts, his dumbass black button downs with fucking flames or some cooky shit and a black tshirt to show of his sleeves.

  • kvelertak

    yay! no more crappy ppv intro.

  • lukustra

    I’m really interested in these ppv changes hes talking about. he said theyre gonna be big. They also said that not every FOX card will have a championship fight but many will. Also Brock might be on the card, we get to vote for TUF matchups, and whatever you do, do not have a Shields vs Miller rematch on cable lol. “gentlemen, were on live television!”

  • scissors61

    Movin on uuupppppp!!!! The UFC is on network television bitches!!!!!!!!


  • agentsmith

    Rogan looks super fucking awkward in a suit. Please put the horrible Afflicted black button down back on!!

    Shit, you beat me to it.  I presumed he had a closet full of identical black Affliction shirts, like how GSP has a bunch of identical pinstripe suits.

    And Mixed Matial Adam should go read THIS.

  • scissors61

    wait no more gladiator intro? no more face the pain? nyyyyyyunnnnnng i just came

  • agentsmith

    ^ Please tell me they’ll change the TUF theme too.  I’ve grown very weary of witnessing the fitness of the modern warrior.

  • lukustra

    I’m gonna get the chills the first time I’m watching family guy or something and a shadow boxing GSP pops up in the bottom left corner promoting a upcoming UFC card.

  • scissors61


    i dunno, haven’t seen that said. but the format changes alone (live fights!!!) have made TUF interesting to me again for at least a little while. this shit is so awesome. i’ve been watching this sport for almost 9 years now and i didn’t think this would happen for at least another 2 years…fuckin’ crazy.

  • CAP

    Hopefully they get better guys on TUF. Just being live isn’t enough to keep me watching if the caliber of fights don’t improve. Maybe the new casuals will look at it differently though.

  • frickshun

    ^^Skizz had the fucking roadmap.
    Skizz: “Nah man…..we need 2 more years!!”
    Fox Exec: “I’m telling you dood, now is the time. NOW!! Make the call to Dana & Zo.”

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    This is nice – especially the TUF shit none of us came up with – RIP IT INTO PIECES!!!!

  • dawgbone

    CAP, TUF is (I think) going from 6 weeks to 12 weeks, which means that guys should have a bit more recovery time between fights, which will hopefully improve the quality in the later fights.

    The beginning fights are going to suck as long as they keep brining in crews with such a huge disparity from top to bottom.

  • P W

    “The Ultimate Fighter will be ‘live on FX'”

    TUF? Live? Somebody please explain how the fuck that’s gonna work.

  • lukustra

    The housemates will train and go along their shenanigans throughout the week which will be edited and shown on friday, mostly prefight build up I believe they said, and then at the end of the show they’ll have the live fight(s) which will actually be happening at the time. There should be bringing in a shitload of fighters in the upcoming seasons considering its going to run for 13 weeks and they’ll probably have a few fights each Friday.

  • CAP

    ^Thus padding that to 32 live “events” (24 episodes of TUF, 2 TUF Finales, 6 Fight Nights).

  • fightlinker

    I think it’s 20 minutes of reality show and then 20 minutes of the one live fight (considering there’s 20 mins commercials). I dunno. Cool hearing about the re-shuffle but Friday is not a great slot.

  • scissors61

    i wonder how bill o’reilly will run his anti-mma pieces now that daddy rupert is in bed with the unwashed UFC hordes???

  • lukustra

    i think they’ll do at least 2 fights a week. what if its a 3 minute fight? do they spend 17 minutes showing a wacky waving inflatable armflailing tubeman?

  • glassjawsh

    ^ id watch that

  • P W

    I wonder how many TUF contestants who are gonna bail from the show prematurely if it goes on for 13 weeks. For example, wasn’t there a guy last season who dropped out after like 5 days because he couldn’t stand being away from his family? And that guy was supposed to be a top contender!

    With the embarrassingly awful fights of past seasons in mind, I think I’d be a better idea to pre-record the fights, show them first to get them out of the way, and then go live to the house for the remaining time. If we’re lucky, we get to see a fighter sit down, prepare a sandwich, make small talk, etc, all of which has more entertainment value!

  • Letibleu

    Everyone becomes an expert producer.

    Since I am myself an expert producer having produced such pieces as chuck shitting himself and Cecil Peoples masturbating to Lyotto vs Shogun, I say they should test new rules with TUF fights. The rules they test should be voted on by the viewers.

    Automatic standups after 30 seconds

    Electrified fences

    royal rumble last man standing

    tag team MMA

    3 girl vs 1 guy