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The Incredible Expanding UFC RIO post

As always, Iron Forges Iron is first up with teh gifs. At one point, ZombieProphet had a gif of a knockout finish up less than five minutes after it happened. Now that’s dedication.

Also impressive in speed is MMA Fighting, who have some pics from Esther Lin up already. Here we see Big Nog knocking Brendan Schaub out and showing that young pup what’s what. As a side note, my family is up from Tennessee and this was the only fight my mom picked wrong the whole night, based soley on fighter sexiness. I guess she likes beefcakes because she even picked Stanislav Nedkov to win.

No stream for the UFC Rio press conference (Chael was right about the internet thing I guess), but fortunately there’s news streaming out of the twitters.

Bonuses: 100k a pop
Fight of the Night: Barbosa / Pearson
KO of the Night: Big Nog
Sub of the Night: No submissions!! So no bonus

Our good friend Hywel Teague surfaced at UFC Rio and got this pimp video of the crowd at the HSBC Arena just after Anderson Silva won. They blew Montreal and Toronto out of the water, hands down. Can’t imagine how it’s going to be when the UFC does it’s 100,000 person Sambodrone thingamabob!

Here’s a decent reason why Forrest Griffin may have performed so badly last night:

“His wife is literally getting ready to deliver their baby in Las Vegas right now,” White said after thanking Griffin for taking the fight against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on the UFC 134 card. “We’re going to try and get him home as fast as we can.”

Gah, sounds like we’re still not uber-close to Anderson Silva vs GSP … Dana White is using the ‘there’s a few guys each has to beat’ line again:

“I think there’s a couple other fights out there for him at 185 [pounds],” the UFC president said of Silva before admitting that both GSP and the middleweight champ are “getting into a position here where that fight’s going to make sense.”

If it does materialize soon, the biggest problem, according to White, might be finding the right venue to host the dream fight.

“I honestly believe, there’s a couple more fights for Anderson and Georges, and if they both win, I honestly don’t know if there’s a stadium big enough for that fight.”

Whatchoo talkin bout, Dana? Sambodromo! Sambodromo!

  • lukustra

    I don’t understand what happened in the Silva fight. He looked weird and awkward for a round and a half and then did that shit and Okami dropped from a jab like he had given up. idk anymore.

  • Reverend Clint

    ^are you saying it was a work?

  • scissors61

    Okami’s a middling striker and got KO’d…MUST BE A WORK! In any case, there are no words to describe how happy I am that Big Nog KO’d Brendan “The Douche” Schaub. 

  • Blackula Jonez

    Silva took Okamis will.

  • lukustra

    no, not saying it was worked. i would never want to believe that. it was all just weird. but yes, I agree that the Nog and Shogun KO’s were rewarding.

  • frickshun

    Andy looked like Andy. Okami wasn’t a fan of brutal knees to the body or clenched fist attacks to his squinty eye & sushi consuming regions.

  • Letibleu

    lukustra trolling. Clearly phrase what you are trying to say or stop trolling.

  • Letibleu

    Also the crown apparently chanting “you’re going to die” in half the big fights.

  • lukustra

    Okami is known to be able to take a punch, dude got dropped like a sack of potatoes by a jab. Fighting Silva has to effect these fighters mentally or something. I’m not saying Okami is a great fighter nor that he should have won. What I meant by Silva looking awkward was his looping punches that he never throws, and he was getting hit while bobbing and weaving.

  • Blackula Jonez

    the knees in the clinch made okami throw plan a out the window, plan b was to stand with andypants….and we saw how that ended.


    How scary must it be to be in front of Silva after he has hurt you and all you can think is “How do I stop the bad man from hurting me?”

  • scissors61

    Okami can take a punch from guys who don’t land with the kind of accuracy and suddenness that Anderson brings to the table. That’s the difference. It’s one thing to take a few haymakers from Rich Franklin, quite another to endure a blindingly fast, laser-accurate punch from Anderson Silva. He just lands ‘em better, faster and cleaner than any other fighter in the sport. 

  • kvelertak

    Silva goat.

  • Redping

    Chael Sonnen can tell you that Silva is beatable all you want, but once you get to that cage you’ll realise whether you believe that or not. Okami clearly didn’t. The fight went exactly as I figured it would, anybody whjo tihnks the result was controversial is just over-reading.

    Also I would like to extend a big FUCK YOU to everybody who wrote Big Nog off for this fight. I remember a thread recently where I said that he isn’t cro cop, that he’s only been knocked out by the champ, and that ihs boxing is on par to actually take this fight on the feet. So hopefully everybody can pay respect where it’s due and see where some of the brazillian fighters stand. Big Nog is clearly a bit higher up than everybody thought

  • iamphoenix

    ^why do you care so much? What does it matter? Big nog doesnt know youre sucking his dick…one thing to be happy for a fighter but to try to say i told you so on the interwebs like anyone gives a fuck…lolz get a life bro.

    Ps. I didnt watch this.

  • Nachtfalter

    People need to get off of the idea that the Manaus Samba thing is a great 100.000 people venue. It’s essentially a street with bleachers. If you put the Octagon in the middle, what the hell are the people sitting half a mile further along the street gonna do?

    Don’t get me wrong, they can very well do a UFC there and it would be unique and possibly cool, but I doubt you can sell even 50.000 tickets to seats with a view of the octagon. Going to a soccer stadium would be much better because there at least all the seats are set up to see the middle of the stadium (which they aren’t in the Sambodrome).

    And the whole “there’s more fights for them at their weight” line is just complete and utter bullshit. That’s ALWAYS gonna be true. There’s always fights. But the only fight that has any potential to take either Silva or GSP on yet another level is the fight against each other. If Zuffa can’t make it happen within the next year, they are just as bad as boxing. Among the propaganda Dana always spouts is a “We’re better than boxing because the big fights happen in the UFC” line. I call bullshit. Silva/GSP is THE big fight. It has been for two years and it hasn’t happened. It needs to. Fuck Chael Sonnen, fuck Carlos Condit, fuck ‘em all! It needs to happen.

  • Letibleu

    ^^ I agree with the “fuck ‘em all” part. Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, hairy ones, bloody ones, leaky ones, smelly ones, bald ones, you just fuck ‘em all!

  • Reverend Clint

    nog looked like shit until the last 10 seconds of that fight… but thats all that counts

  • kvelertak
  • kvelertak
  • Blackula Jonez

    My gf is utterly convinced that Anderson Silva’s fights are fixed.


    Her first exposure to him was the Forrest Griffen fight where she asked my why did they even sanction the fight. I told her that Silva was from a lower weight class and Forrest was a former champ. She just thought Silva was a cocky douche.


    She accompanied me to a buddies house for the infamous Abu Dhabi UFC 112 where her sentiments were reinforced.


    I tried to get her to watch the Sonnen and Vitor fights but she won’t give them the time of day.

    When I got home last night I explained to her what happened and she responded sarcastically about how damn near all the Brazilians won. I loled then showed her some gifs of Silva mind and fist fucking Okami and she just waved it off and called the fight fixed.

    She is conviced that Silva is a UFC darling and after his outburst at 112 that the org has been fixing his fights. I have such a hard time convincing her otherwise because of the seemingly impossible way he fights and finishes people.

  • Redping

    your girlfriend is a moron

    ps penix stfu and learn to read, i was talking about nog being better than the haters said. the mma media is so harsh on every fighter that it was awesome to see nog drop schaub with punches and not even need his jiujitsu

  • iamphoenix

    My comment still stands.

  • Letibleu

    Im pretty sure you said a lot more than that Redpenis. You left the part out where you told a bunch of people to go fuck themselves for thinking and saying Nog looked old.

    He does look old and he looked like shit in the fight until he nailed that Schwab with a sweet combo.

  • frickshun

    My dog can stand on her hindlegs for like 10 full seconds.

  • Blackula Jonez

    Lol at frick, Big Nog can still take a shot and recover pretty damn fast.


    The combo striking against the cage is what saved him, Schuab was trying to catch him ducking into an uppercut and paid for it. You wanna box move lateraly ffs.




    B-Hop’s comments on throwing fast accurate shots being better than hard slow ones ring true. This is the second time we have seen Andypants light dudes up with flickering punches that seem to confuse and frighten hardened cage fighters.


  • noiseless

    yay nedkov, yay nog, damnit griffin, yay anderson mentalist spider silva which i really did’nt root for. yawn thiago. and the other guys. good event for a solid couple of hours. i’m content. yeah and boo florian a little, but not too much. the weed was good.

  • kvelertak
  • kvelertak

    I love that shot square on his front jaw that FFFFFinished him.

    And then that shot on the ground that woke him up.

  • Komodo
  • Night Rider

    Agree with clint on Nog looking shitty until he went all chris leben.


    Also I think what people dont fully understand about Anderson’s style is how fuckin bad it tires and discourages you when your opponent moves effortlessly through the matrix while you feel like you are stuck in mud. Okami was broken mentally just like forrest, Andy makes you flinch and overanticipate everything all while he sucks your energy by simply outclassing you.

  • CAP

    Pretty sweet event even with robot Florian and his bland post fight interviews. Did Rogan not make it through customs or something?? Nights like that really shows what he brings to the broadcast. Rogan would have been soaking in the vibe and bringing more of a fan enthusiasm into the interviews while Kenflo seemed to have panned questions. He was good while calling the fights but the postfight awkwardness brought it down for me. And Goldie annoyed the fuck out of me all night throwing in his “slip n rrrrip” phrase every time he could. STFU.

    Redping there was every reason to have concerns for Nog. Dude was rushing off double hip surgery to get on this card and he was looking rough in his previous outings. That wasn’t a cup he was wearing that was his bedpan. Stoked to see him get the win though especially how he did. I hope he feels rejuvenated.

    Shogun found Forrest’s off button. It only takes a couple good shots.

    Once Silva got in there he knew Okami had nothing so he put on a show. I was waiting for Silva to start glowing.  He might be at that status.  Did Okami even try a takedown? That was his only fucking hope.

  • agentsmith

    ^ The word is that Rogan was busy filming Fear Factor or some such.

    And yes, Florian was wooden and awkward as fuck.  Maybe he’s just out of practice, cause I don’t remember him being that bad.

  • G Funk

    It looks like Hopkins wants a piece of Suga’s sexual chocolate in the vid that Black posted.

  • P W

    The commentating effort was amateurish and made the Strikeforce crew seem brilliant. Goldberg again shows that even after all these years, he still can’t do ANYTHING except plug shit, read stats of a piece of paper, and deliver his 3-5 standard lines. When you think about it, that’s quite an accomplishment. You’d think he’d pick something up by accident, but no.

    Dana has made himself a huge disservice by stubbornly sticking to Goldberg and Rogan for so long, especially since Goldberg is completely useless on his own. All eggs in one basket (case).

  • CAP

    And no Steven Seagall sightings??? Pretty sure he taught Silva that jab!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Rogan has carried Goldie for what?  A decade?  Florian was just turrible.  I don’t remember him having better content but his delivery was even weak.  Maybe he was sick or something.

    And holy shit people – did none of you watch the replays?  Even of Andy and Forrest?  It’s a fucking fade-away lead straight – a reverse fucking cross.  Just because knuckle-boxing trainers say you shouldn’t switch stances doesn’t make it so.

    And he threw the hooks to offset Okami’s jab-heavy tactics and even ended-up knocking him out with one.  Curves while circling beat straights while stationary.  He even leapt in with 1-2s to keep him from doubling up.

    Amazing night of fights.  Wish I coulda watched it live.

    And while Redping is radiating douchechills, Nog totally blew me away with that.  The pic Ryan posted had me dreading another Crocoping of the ole noggin.  His head movement kept him from being decapitated and even got him the win.  If he keeps moving his head and trunk like that he’s got several more years in him.  No more of that PRIDE shit, please.  I just hope he stops Forresting with his guard too so I can really enjoy these next few years.  Carwin should be a neat test, and I’d love to see a Mir rematch.  … Can’t believe I just typed that.

  • frickshun

    Did Cap just reference “The Last Dragon”? Mother fuck that is waaaaay before most of your times…..
    Who’s the master? SHO-NUFF!!