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The Irish are easily offended

Word from UFC Junkie is that the UFC has decided not to let Marcus Davis use his nickname “The Irish Handgrenade” at UFC72 in Belfast. Right now he’s being listed as “The Celtic Warrior”, which is about as lame as the UFC72 card he’s fighting on. So I thought perhaps we’d help Marcus out with his nickname problem. He’ll have to find someone else to help him out with his hopelessly mediocre fighting skills. We can’t solve all the world’s problems, you know!

  • Marcus “The Protestant Babyfucker” Davis
  • Marcus “The Imperial Asslicker” Davis
  • Marcus “The Cowardly Carbomber” Davis
  • Marcus “The Politically Motivated Assassin” Davis

Of course his nickname doesn’t have to be so needlessly divisive. There are plenty of nicknames Marcus could use to represent all of Ireland:

  • Marcus “Pot O’ Shit” Davis
  • Marcus “Fights like a Drunk” Davis
  • Marcus “The Laziest Immigrant” Davis
  • Marcus “Domestic Abuse” Davis
  • Marcus “Fairy Boy” Davis
  • Marcus “The Irish Alcoholic” Davis

Feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • ACanadianPotHead

    Marcus “Stink Nugget” Davis
    Marcus “Please cuk on my chest” Davis

  • kentyman

    Marcus “The Potato-Eating Irish McBastard” Davis

  • operator

    Marcus “end of the rainbow” Davis

  • Geoffr0y

    Marcus “The Blarney Stoner” Davis
    Marcus “Auld Shillelagh Arms” Davis
    Marcus “Top O’ The Mornin'” Davis

  • kentyman

    Marcus “The World’s Most Dangerous Shillelagh” Davis?

  • Mobb Deep

    Marcus “The Irish Famine” Davis
    Marcus “Mickey’s Malt Liquor” Davis
    Marcus “Conan O’Brien” Davis
    Marcus “The Mediocre” Davis

  • undisputed1972

    Marcus ‘The Plastic Paddy’ Davis