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The Low Blow Episode 1: Genesis Rebirth Pheonix Extreme

This week we ‘reboot’ the Low Blow kinda sorta, mainly because counting past 200 hurts our puny brains and we thought it was time for a fresh start at a nice small number like 1. As for what’s actually part of the show: A new bet is brewin’, Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem, the UFC’s foray into Japan-Land, and Spike’s dalliances with Bellator. We cover a bunch of fights that happened over the weekend, and of course touch on the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix. Our good friend Sean Connery comes back as a sponsor as well! 90ish minutes of decently sober podcasting.


  • glassjawsh

    loser drinks his own pee machida style. on video.

    there’d be a video of me downing a glass of my own piss if subo wasn’t such a lady boy

    I’d be willing to make that bet for overeem v lesnar if hes grown a pair

  • thingvolds

    gonna listen to this while i read a live blog of the republican debate. enough hot air to float a zeppelin.

  • iamphoenix

    nice. you named this show after me thanks guys.

  • Night Rider

    Just when I thought I’d mastered Sean Fu, I discover there is so much more to learn.


    “I am much happier, and do not require rescuing” 


    I can always count on Fightlinker to cheer me up thanks, now go and get a geek/techie to fix all the old podcasts so we can all brush up on our Sean Fu and get on this new connery kick level. 

    Oddly enough on the day of your launch/relaunch I opened my own training studio, many a podcast has been played there in the prelaunch/construction stage converting it from halfass gym to a fullblown training center. I put my first dollar on the wall today (of which I don’t have to split with an owner) and I got to wrap my day up with Ryan and Jake’s retarded bullshit, I mean that in the best way, thanks and keep it fuckin rollin. 

  • Smitler

    God damn Jake needs to drop this “gri-gri” catch phrase.
    Good show though. :)

  • frickshun

    Funny show faggots.

    The Connery skit sucked coxxx though.