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The Low Blow Episode 179: Bookings, bookings, bookings!

We’re back for the first fresh radio show of 2011 and we go over the cornucopia of fight bookings that have been made in the last two weeks. That includes the Strikeforce heavyweight tournament brackets and what we think of that beast. Also: the latest evidence that Chael Sonnen is a piece of shit and how his money laundering charge is going to affect his career. It’s a steaming hot one hour show ready for your enjoyment, so come’n get it!


  • Reverend Clint
  • Symbul

    Before I can even listen to it it’s out of date courtesy of Dana White’s latest announcement.

  • MadMan

    celcius and kilometers….GAY

  • Grappo


    2 months before Jake is back in Canada.

  • Smitler

    Damn…feels like the end of an era with Jake moving out.

  • agentsmith

    I thought he was moving to Calgary, not to the tropics WITH the chick from Calgary.

    Ryan, I’ll see you in the cheap seats.

  • Smitler

    It’s like Bert no longer lives with Ernie and has gone to live on Fraggle Rock with the chick with the lips in the Muppet band.

  • FiveBoltMain

    WTF Ryan! I thought you loved your cat. Why are you yelling at it in front of everyone?

  • dulljake

    The best yeas of Fightlinker was when we lived apart. We spent too much time hanging out and not enough time working when we lived together!

  • agentsmith

    So does this mean you’re just “friends with benefits” now?

  • Reverend Clint

    your breaking up the band Yoko! It might be time for the bromance to take a break plus frees up Ryan to get some puntang with out jake as the 3rd wheel.

  • shillyer

    James Wilkes is the shite

  • glassjawsh

    1.5 liters sounds far gayer than 40s!

  • Predator8u

    i hope it all works out.

    Question for Jake. How are you going to catch all of the MMA events? is ShowTime HUGE in the dominican republic?…

    i dont believe you