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The Low Blow Episode 180: Strikeforce post-show

This week on the Low Blow we break down the Strikeforce Diaz vs Cyborg card. Herschel Walker gets trashed, Roger Gracie is cautiously appreciated, and Robbie Lawler is taken out behind the shed to be put down. Nick’s confrontation with those douchebags gets brought up, and of course no show would be complete without passing judgement on the production values, commentary, and general vibe of this latest Sho / SF production. One hour of podcasting goodness!


  • fightlinker

    you were just too much of an eager beaver to wait for the file to finish uploading.

  • glassjawsh

    download thingy doesnt work

    edit: now it do

  • glassjawsh

    For once i agree with Jake (because for once he isn’t being pretentious) Josh Barnett IS an MMA organization killer. Since 2004 he’s fought in K-1, Pride, Sengoku, Affliction, DREAM and Impact FC ALL of which are either dead or dying promotions.

  • agentsmith

    Christ, it only took you until February to get your shit together and start doing Low Blows again.


    Blackula isn’t here, so I’m filling in for him.  How’d I do?

  • fightlinker

    Not too bad. And anyone who’s been around for a while knows that one month is actually a pretty quick fix for us

  • Reem.Hadouken

    wow the site is blowing up.

  • dulljake

    Does he mean literally? 

  • iamphoenix

    what does it mean.

  • FiveBoltMain

    How do I reach these keeds!!

  • subo


  • Grappo

    lotta hot guys

  • Rikers

    I 2nd that! Bring Subo back…and let’s try to talk MMA within the first 10 minutes! Holy shit is this an MMA podcast or a giant circle jerk about how much you miss each other…God almighty!!!

  • Rikers

    Can someone tell me how to listen to the older low blows? There isn’t a download option. Thanks!