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The Low Blow Episode 182: Another one bites the dust

Holy shit, a new Low Blow?!? Yes it’s true! Jake managed to get an internet connection in the Dominican Republic that was only 90% ass (as opposed to the 100% we normally deal with) and we banged out a radio show devoted to the UFC / Strikeforce sale, plus a little bit of chatter about UFC 128. Those of you wondering when things will get back to normal – Jake returns to Canada at the end of March and then the podcasting will resume at it’s natural rate of two shows a week. For now: 50 minutes of sale and fight talk!


  • G Funk

    Mailbag? What Mailbag?

  • CAP


  • MadMan

    i’m feeling like a junkie about to get their fix…woohoo!

  • shillyer

    dont watch trough yahoo. the new ufc tv is really good

  • Letibleu

    What do I do with the link? I forgot what to do.

  • iamphoenix

    ^TUf noob

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Thanks guys, I needed that.

  • P W

    “… then the podcasting will resume at it’s natural rate of two shows a week.”

    The TRUE “natural rate of podcasting” is one show every two or three weeks.

    Edit: Oh, and there are probably at least a couple of TV-stations out there with 500 million viewers, in fact I’m pretty sure CCTV gets those numbers regularly for their big productions.

  • agentsmith

    ^ You’re using the Chinese state channel as your example?  Fail.

  • NoFlegraPor

    Where’s the happy hour? Was Subo too busy getting a handjob from Cowboy’s sister?