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The Low Blow Episode 2: Birthday Badness

This week on the Low Blow we sorta reminisce over our five years of Fightlinkery goodness and update everyone on our bet with the Five Ounces of Pain guys. The MMA movie Warrior gets a review, and we finally voice our thoughts on Nick Diaz blowing his title fight with Georges St Pierre. Our weekend wrapup covers the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix and beyond, plus we talk a little bit about the Battle on the Bayou set for this Saturday. One hour and forty five minutes of podcasting!


  • Letibleu

    I dont remember seeing the movie. Not good… not good at all…. Reality snapped back when I started gnawing on ultra hot chicken wings later on.

    Movie is worth watching. Once. Free. It is the best MMA movie to date which is sad but a very big step in the right direction.

    Chuck Liddel watching a fight:

  • Letibleu

    I dont know how i feel about the spoof news. Funny but just so weird?! Can’t figure out the noise at 59:44.

  • UberShmact

    Is just me that sees Rich Franklin fighting Nate Marquardt in that picture?


    “Fuck censorship… in its ass.” 

    words of wisdom

  • glassjawsh

    definitely life bars in the UFC game.

  • CAP

    Franklin/Griffin I think.

  • Redping

    wait how come this started again? it’s episode 2?

  • Blackula Jonez

    Who would of thought Ryan could rhyme?


    Keep up the good work fellas.