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The Low Blow Episode 3: Badness on the Bayou

This week on the Low Blow we talk about our youtube video being dickishly deleted by youtube, Dana White’s latest anti-piracy tweets, and Alistair Overeem leaving Golden Glory. The Battle on the Bayou gets dissected (including some prelim action since the prelims were better than the actual event), and UFC 135 predictions are made! The Fightlinker vs Five Ounces bet is discussed further, and we ponder why the movie Warrior didn’t make more moneys. Two hours. Two goddamn hours of podcasting.


  • Grappo

    yoyoyo where’s episode 199?  it seems to have disappeared.

  • agentsmith

    Regarding your IP address being exposed when you’re bittorrenting, see here:

  • Mixed Martial Adam

    In regard to Jake’s statement that “Jason MacDonald was leaving the sport to make 40,000/year as a prison guard” – prison guards in Canada make around $70-85,000/year, I have a buddy that does it in Kingston.

    I kind of see why Jason wouldn’t want to give that job up as he’s a 36 year old low/mid-tier UFC middleweight.

  • agentsmith

    Yeah, prison guards are unionized up the yingyang, so there’s no way they’re making only $40K.  More like double that.

  • Sheps

    Seth Petruzelli doesn’t own Smoothie King, he was a manager AT A Smoothie King… lmfao.