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The Low Blow Episode 4: Victory! Mailbag!

This week on the Low Blow, we break down UFC 135 and of course our victory over Five Ounces of Pain before rolling into a big bag of reader mail. The Gracies, Rashad vs Bones, getting credentialed by the UFC, and Why we suck are all discussed. Japan, chat moderators, and cheating wives also get some attention in this 1hr45min extravaganza of MMA chit chattery.


  • Danjo

    Holy shit you guys got UFC credentials??

  • glassjawsh

    just a girlfriend

  • agentsmith

    Ryan got a little salty in this one. Fuck your hackneyed criticism!

  • CAP

    Buttfucking wolves FTW!

  • DJ ThunderElbows

    Awesome show!  Bitter Ryan is a hoot.

    Longer shows are perfect.

  • CAP

    I like how Ryan denies being a pedophile then ten seconds later complains that young girls in porn wear too much make up that makes them look much older. You sir are exposed!