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The Low Blow Post UFC 78 show: RIGHT NOW!

We’re live RIGHT NOW to talk UFC 78 and whatever YOU want. Join us in the chat or ask your questions in the comments section!

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**UPDATE** And the show is over, thanks everyone for listening in and the server is now off. See you guys after Ultimate Fight Night for another live edition of the Low Blow!

  • Stellar53

    Blow me….I’ve been here the whole time….

  • bmiller

    I am here fightilinker. I don’t know why but I am here listening to Canadian fags at midnight. I am even sober listening to this stupid shit

  • Stellar53

    commercial time….you need a beer and so do i

  • bmiller

    Other than the kurt cobain/ is that to soon, joke. I have been here for an hour guys and I dont think anyone will wake up in the morning and feel like they missed a thing.

    Just jokeing, its a good show

  • bmiller
  • Blue

    No iTunes upload?