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The Low Blow: UFC 79 Post Event Show LIVE!

Show goes live now! Tune in!

Play In Winamp
Play in Windows Media Player

  • Tommy

    I can’t get your shit to play?

  • Wu Tang

    I am playing it off of VLC media player. Open it via WINAMP but open it with VLC.

    VLC is cool

  • Tommy

    Your over my head in computer talk. I really am computer stupid.

  • Ason

    2nd that
    it’s working on VLC and itunes

    not working on media player

  • Ason

    is a free program that plays all kinds of media

  • falkofire

    it works on itunes… as stated.. but yeah that was a fuckin awesome SHOW.. overall.. I mean all the fights were finished…. except CHuck and Wand… but it was a exciting fight that exceeded expectations… and even with the decision had a clear and decisive winner.

  • MacDaddy


  • Tommy

    I downloaded vlc, now how do I play with it?

  • Ason

    Tommy right click click on that link in radio post
    it will download to your computer

    then you can open it with VLC

  • Tommy

    Cool…I got it!!! Thanks alot!

  • Stellar53

    seriously, where is everyone on you live chat bitches?

  • Stellar53

    your that is

  • Xavier

    Hughes lost by submission.
    All pride fighters lost, further proving how garbage Pride was.
    Armenian won.

    Yep, perfect PPV.

  • Wu Tang

    GSP wins vis SKULL FUCK!!!

  • Wu Tang

    Manny said he was sorry for breaking his leg.. SOooo…..

  • Tommy

    Thanks for the fast help guys.

  • Accomando

    “…All pride fighters lost, further proving how garbage Pride was….”

    Well, PRIDE’s weight classes must have been garbage. Wand technically was a middleweight in Japan, Wand needs to technically be a middleweight in America as well. Chuck was a lot bigger than Wandy, who gained my respect by continuing to fight even though his face was getting destroyed regularly.

    Wow, did Sokoudjou look like complete shit, total shit.

  • Docvelvet

    Fightlinker, just make the file a .mp3 and let us play it in whatever program we want!

  • fightlinker

    We posted a link to the mp3 after the show was recorded. You can always get the latest episode here:

    It’ll be more obvious in the new version of the site