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The morning after

Ok, so now that we’ve all had a chance to sleep on the whole “Jon Jones sucks” situation, let’s approach this with a less emotional mindset.

Jones had every right to turn down the Chael Sonnen fight. He was training for a specific opponent, Dan Henderson, who hardly ever shoots for his takedowns, whereas Chael has one of the best shots in the game. Ok, I get it, different opponent, different strategy. He had every right, but that doesn’t make it the right thing to do. I have every right to pass an injured person in the street because I’m late for an appointment and stopping to help would be inconvenient. But does that make it right? Sometimes you just got to take one for the team, and because his presence on what was otherwise a piss-poor card makes HIM the team leader. His decision sank the event.

That doesn’t abdicate the UFC’s responsibility in this mess, mind you. They put forth a substandard card because Jones was on it and they knew him and Dan Henderson alone would sell it, so why waste other draws on a card that was guaranteed to sell at least 600,000 PPV’s? They hedged their bets on one fight, and it backfired. That’s the risk they chose to take. I couldn’t give two shits if the UFC loses a few million bucks. Business is full of risks. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and as a successful company, the UFC wins much more than it loses. I’m sure it’s painful, but they can absorb this loss. It’s not about that.

And it’s not about Jones being a “company man” either. Yes, he has to make the decisions that are best for him, but as a champion he should be willing to give a little more of himself. It’s not just about a belt. It’s about living up to an ideal. Fighters love to talk about “the heart of a champion,” or someone being a “real champion,” because there ARE distinctions. Jon Jones is the UFC light-heavyweight champion, but because he was so willing to let the ship sink, and throw his fellow fighters overboard in the process, he is not a true champion.

Dana White should own up to his own culpability in this debacle, and even though they’re already taking a bath on this cancellation, they should pay each fighter their show money. That’s their bare-bones responsibility to their troops. Jones isn’t required to pay Charlie Brenneman’s salary or buy school clothes for Jeff Houghland’s kid, but he should feel like shit for bailing out when his brothers-in-arms needed him most, and he should reassess just what it is that he fights for. If its greenbacks, then he’s doing just fine, but if it’s also something more substantial, like that pious tattoo across his chest would seem to indicate, then he has a long way to go and much soul-searching to do.

  • frickshun

    I agree w/all of that except for one thing: I DO care about the UFC being successful. Their past success has led us to a lot of free cards, more fights per card, all fights being broacast (one way or another) for almost every event, weigh-ins live on my TV, good post-fights shows w/lots of highlights, expanded weight classes (remember when they dropped 155?!) & the ability to watch good live MMA twice a month or more!!

    I’m a company man @ my place. My bosses love my loyalty & reward me financially. Bones is a kid & a fucking idiot. Maybe he’ll learn from this but he seems the be the douche people always speculated that I didn’t want to believe. GET OVER YOURSELF ASSHOLE.

  • Sodomize Intolerance

    Douchiness is a relative scale, and when you’re ON THE LOSING END of being compared to Tito Ortiz, you are so far from right.

  • noiseless

    so many words. so little meaning.

  • bakapoki

    Jon Jones screwed everyone by being a pussy in a sport that people watch to see “warriors” and “badass mofo’s” fighting to be the alpha male. He works for the UFC, has no chance of making the same cash anywhere else, and fucked them over – hahahaha smooth move.

    The executive at Nike who signed Jones must have gotten a wedgie when he walked into the office this morning.

  • Letibleu

    Side note: UFC must pay show money. NSAC rules says if an event is cancelled after contracts are inked, the promoter owes show money. I also remember a few years back learning all UFC contracts promised show money if a fight was cancelled unless it was move to the following event. In this case, whoever doesnt get move to the Toronto card will be getting at least their show money and knowing the UFC, maybe a little im sorry this happened money to keep spirits high and keep a fighters union talk at bay.

  • G Funk

    Yeah JJ is a pussy/douche/coward I tell ya!

    Wow, alot of company people around here. Amazing after all of these changing events have happened withing a 24hr period and people still blame it all on one employee? A grand majority of the blame should rest on the company’s poor planning, execution and handling on the matter. Shepard White sure as hell knows how to rally all the blind sheep and heard them.

  • matthewpolly

    Not only does he work for the UFC. He is “sponsored” by the UFC. When you take money from someone, you do actually owe them something in return. And you do owe your fellow employees something. Because Jones didn’t “build that.” Without the UFC and everything it’s done for the sport of MMA, without every sacrifice every fighter made before him to build the fan base, he’d just be another broke ass, former JuCo wrestling college drop out with too many mouths to feed.

  • G Funk

    Polly’s really fighting for that lucrative UFC job! Unfortunately Polly (see Subo)

  • glassjawsh

    you did a great of job of explaining what ‘it’s not about’ without ever actually explaining what it IS about

  • Blackula Jonez

    Been reading a couple articles and comment sections on this issue and wondering if maybe there is one aspect people are missing out on.

    There is no precedent for this and the fact that JBJ is still a Zuffa employee begs 2 questions: Is JBJ bigger than the UFC or is this an attempt to turn him into a bad buy/heel/ Pretty Boy to Money Maywheather the light heavyweight champ?

    *Dana by all accounts should have cut JBJ on principle just to show other champs and main event fighters a lesson on how replaceable they are. The fact that this has not happened is questionable.

    And am I to believe the same JBJ that chased down a criminal hours before a title fight that he took on short notice is now scared to face a one dimensional fighter from a lighter weight class coming off a tko defeat on 8 days notice?

    Stuff isn’t adding up but this may be the turn from good guy/Samaritan Jones the one that few people liked anyway is now with this and his dui conviction is now Bad 2 The Bones Jones, the guy you pay to see lose even though he won’t..

    *Disclaimer I am prone to consider plausible conspiracy theories from time to time

  • Letibleu

    UFC is using JBJ as a scapegoat. He had to take that fight, absolutely. Is he responsible for the rest of the card looking like a sub par Fuel event? No.

    This is a watered down card biting UFC in the ass. They got away with it but the ratings and PPV buys are down and now this.

    This is not the first main even to go belly up last second. In the past the co main was simply bumped up and the rest of the card usually still looked decent. his time however outside the main event UFC 152 looked like a piece of shit.

    JBJ is a self serving idiot BUT he is not responsible for this card that cant stand on one leg.

    Would you pay for this?

    -Jake Ellenberger vs. Jay Hieron
    -Dennis Siver vs. Eddie Yagin
    -Dennis Hallman vs. Thiago Tavares
    -John Lineker vs. Yasuhiro Urushitani

    Preliminary Bouts (on FX):

    -Michael Johnson vs. Danny Castillo
    -Takeya Mizugaki (15-7) vs. Jeff Hougland
    -Tim Means vs. Abel Trujillo
    -Daron Cruickshank vs. Henry Martinez
    -Shane Roller vs. Jacob Volkmann
    -Kyle Noke vs. Charlie Brenneman

  • Letibleu

    ^^^I hit the submit button by mistake and Rebellion Media doesnt believe in edit buttons kinda like Jehovah’s dont believe in blood transfusions to save innocent babies.

    Sorry if it doesnt read well but you will still get the jist of it.

  • Letibleu

    … and i like JBJ better as an asshole. He is much easier to hate than to like.

    Douchiness seems to come natural to him rather than the r Perfect that seemed forced and laboured. Am I right? Of course I am.


  • Scotty Mo

    This is ridiculous. In what universe is Chael Sonnen entitled to a fight with the LHW champ? What, other than shoot his mouth off, has this dude done to deserve the match that everyone’s so mad he isn’t getting? Sonnen fights like Jon Fitch. He fucking sucks, and the only thing more unjust than the mess in front of us would be if Jones actually agreed to fight this fool. That anyone, let alone everyone, is pissed at the champ over this boggles my mind.

  • Letibleu

    ^Dont bother, we already have 2 resident certified trolls and they are much better than the comment above. The aspiring but never gonna be accepted troll position is also taken by buttsomething.

  • TheButtStrangler

    “His decision sank the event.”

    Meh, Jones isn’t the fucking promoter.

    Zuffa rage-canceled because they couldn’t force Jones to do something silly because they wanted him to.

    While they never even ask flamderson to do anything he doesn’t want to do.

    Boo Hoo.

    “…and even though they’re already taking a bath on this cancellation, they should pay each fighter their show money.”

    They could!

    Dana throws tons of money around backstage, but he only does that as long as the recipient understands that he has been rewarded for personally making dana pleased.

    OR, instead of just paying them for doing nothing…

    …wait for it…


    There were a few mediocre fights on the undercard like brenneman that could have been moved up and it would have been as meh as most of the UFC cards this year.

    The could have snatched a few guys from other cards.

    True pre-sold ticket holders would have missed out on the major reason they bought their ticket, like calgary, and their probably would have been a few refunds requested, and they have a right to one, but plenty of people would have still gone just to see a UFC event.

    They show up for shitty UFC cards all the time!

    But it is DANA,
    who is very deliberately punishing EVERYONE on the card and blaming it on Jones to punish Jones for not sucking his dick!

    So once again in conclusion,
    Boo Hoo.

  • TheButtStrangler

    @ Leti, get over yourself.

    You seem to need my attention more the I need yours.

  • matthewpolly

    I’m just feeling for my old coach Jay Hieron, who has the worst luck when it comes to fights happening. 7 years he’s been waiting to come back to the UFC. Now this. Yes, the card was weak, but come on, Jones does deserve most of the blame for refusing the fight, even if Chael didn’t “deserve it”

  • Márcio

    Jon Duck Jones is a great athlete but a shitty fighter. I was never a fan to begin with so I’m biased. I like guys that have a warrior spirit that go against all odds and still believe they can win. This guy declined a gimme fight because he’s too chicken shit to do something mildly spontaneous. As for Greg Jackson, I wont ever forgive him to what he did to GSP and Condit, and now this? Go fuck yourself Greg.

  • noiseless

    i went totally nostradamus on my first post there.

  • Nachtfalter

    Just to help you avoid lawsuits, Tony… in most civilized states, you actually DON’T have “every right to pass an injured person in the street”. Of course, the United States aren’t all that civilized but you might wanna read up on some laws before you decide to let some hobo bleed to death. If the hobo has a lawyer in his immediate family, you might very well be all kinds of fucked.

  • Scotty Mo

    I wasn’t trolling, but maybe I’m misinformed. Did Chael Sonnen do something to deserve a shot at the LHW champ? I seem to recall an embarrassing loss the last time he stepped into the octagon, but maybe I missed a fight or something…

  • G Funk

    HAHAHAHA! Holy Chit Leti is the man! It’s like he cued ButtMuncher! Introduced him to the stage!

  • iamphoenix


  • G Funk

    Seems like it took ButtMuncher over a half hour to right up that post too! HA!